Saturday, June 13, 10:21:51 AM

This is a classic!!!

Monday, September 24, 03:10:22 AM

It was kind of annoying to be honest.

Sunday, September 23, 10:39:41 PM

TWO THUMBS UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 10:10:00 PM


Friday, April 4, 11:29:04 AM

One of my favorite movies of all-time! You have to see this one over and over!

Sunday, November 27, 09:31:44 PM

This quircky John Hughes Flick is easily one of my top five farvotie movies.. Although I am 28 years younger than Matthew Brosercik(Ferris Bueller) I will one day marry him because he is the closest thing to my true love. This movie will remain to be the beest teen movie of all time!

Monday, July 5, 07:14:47 PM

Best movie ever."Life moves pretty fast. If you don`t stop and look around once in a while, you may miss it."

Friday, May 28, 03:15:55 PM

its the best movie of all time!!!!!!!!!! a definate knee slaper.Matthew Broderick is soooooooo hot!!

Sunday, November 24, 09:56:20 PM

A person shouldnt believe in an ism they should believe in themselves, i quote john lennon "i dont believe in beatles i just believe in me." A good point there after all he was the walrus. I could be the walrus, i`d still have to bum rides off of people.

Monday, September 16, 09:08:39 PM

leisure rules

Wednesday, January 2, 08:21:30 AM

it`s the all time best movie and I`m not kidding