Monday, February 12, 11:10:44 PM

Loved the montage of memorable moments at the end while "Love Me Like You Do" played.

Monday, February 12, 11:07:09 PM

Pure relationship melodrama and I loved it!!!

Monday, February 12, 06:47:52 PM

Wedding, trip to France, private jet, tip to Aspen, great wealth, car chase, pregnancy, kidnapping, hospitalization, shooting, birth, love and sex. What's not to like!!!!!

Monday, February 12, 06:22:19 PM

Worst movie I have seen in last year

Monday, February 12, 09:54:49 AM

Romance lives!

Monday, February 12, 12:11:55 AM

This movie was amazing , the storyline was great . I really believe you need to read the books to appreciate the story and the actual love story behind it but it’s so good the best one of out all of them and they did the ending so well ??

Sunday, February 11, 11:11:42 PM

Loved this trilogy and hate to see them end. The ending did make me happy.

Sunday, February 11, 11:10:13 PM

If you think sex is dirty stay away but if you like a good love story this is the one for you.

Sunday, February 11, 11:08:43 PM

I saw this movie with a friend and we are both 60 years old. We loved this movie. We are not prudes and know there will be sex in these movies.

Sunday, February 11, 11:05:16 PM

Jamie and dakota have great chemistry in these movies.

Sunday, February 11, 11:03:44 PM

Me and my friends went to see this movie and we all loved it. We are all going back to see it again with our husbands on Valentines Day.

Sunday, February 11, 11:01:36 PM

What a great ending to a wonderful love story.

Sunday, February 11, 11:00:46 PM

Best of the trilogy.

Sunday, February 11, 10:19:19 AM

This movie was terrible.

Sunday, February 11, 02:09:40 AM

The best yet.

Saturday, February 10, 11:39:51 PM

Beautiful scenery, great music, great love story and CONSENSUAL sex. Not a bad way to have an enjoyable couple of hours.

Saturday, February 10, 10:20:46 PM

Take a man(Christian) who has been damaged at a very young age by a drug addicted/prostitute mother and her pimp and add to this an older woman who sexually abuses him at 15 and you will see why he is damaged goods. Then a woman (Anna)comes into his life and frees him from his torture. They love each other tremendously even though others want to do them harm. Great love story if you don't get focused only on the sex.

Saturday, February 10, 10:07:40 PM

My favorite of the three movies! Plan to go see it again tomorrow. Some of the scenes filmed in France are beautiful and need to be seen on the big screen.

Saturday, February 10, 10:04:13 PM

The interaction between Dakota and Jamie will make you think they are a real couple. Jamie sigs in this movie and has a wonderful voice. I plan to buy the soundtrack just so I can put "Maybe I'm Amazed" on repeat!

Saturday, February 10, 10:00:15 PM

Great movie! Great love story. Loved the ending, made e smile. Go see it and make up your own mind.

Saturday, February 10, 08:11:13 PM

How the lady ever made money on her books is beyond me. The whole story is so poorly written. The "love story" is completely unhealthy and mental. If Christian wasn't rich the characters would not have ended up together. The only good part is the actors bodies. Do not waste your time reading the book.

Saturday, February 10, 06:54:36 PM

OMG! I love this movie. Sexy, funny. exciting and a nail bitter! I'm going to see it again!

Saturday, February 10, 05:26:53 PM

This movie was amazing !! I was actually sad when it was over haha . Definitely worth the money .

Saturday, February 10, 05:03:16 PM

Great movie

Saturday, February 10, 04:46:53 PM

lots of fun, exciting movie

Saturday, February 10, 03:40:45 PM

Take a fan ladies to cool yourselves down! Wow! The chemistry between these two is unbelievable! Wonderful ending to the love story! By the way, I’m a senior lady! My younger friend loved it too!

Saturday, February 10, 11:22:43 AM

I love this movie! Jamie Dornan has a beautiful singing voice.

Saturday, February 10, 11:08:35 AM

Movie felt a little rushed but boy did it keep my interest! Love the cast of characters and the love story.

Friday, February 9, 11:51:03 PM

This movie is a thriller/suspense/love story all rolled together into a beautiful package. My husband even enjoyed this movie!

Friday, February 9, 11:45:28 PM

LOVE this movie!!!! The acting of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson had me thinking Christian and Anna were real. Will miss them in these roles.

Friday, February 9, 11:22:54 AM

I think this is the BEST one out of the 3. I can't wait to see it again.

Friday, February 9, 10:52:03 AM

Really good movie!

Thursday, February 8, 10:00:46 PM

Ever wonder what it would be like to be super rich and have a love like no other? This movie can help you dream of such a life. Wonderful movie and a great way to complete the Fifty Shades trilogy!

Thursday, February 8, 09:08:54 AM

Some thing for everyone in this movie: Hostage situation, car chases, club fight, sex and of course the wonderful love story itself!

Wednesday, February 7, 10:59:41 PM

Wonderful movie to take your everyday stresses away. Worth the price of the ticket to lean back and enjoy this movie.

Wednesday, February 7, 10:51:32 PM

Love the books and love these movies even more!

Wednesday, February 7, 10:49:20 PM

Great acting and chemistry between the two main characters. This movie is for entertainment and should e enjoyed for what it is, a movie and not real life! Great movie to see on a date.

Wednesday, February 7, 10:37:47 PM

Love the love story between Christian and Anna. She falls in love with a tortured soul and saves him from himself and his past. Some of the people who put these movies down have never seen the movies or read the books. These movies are not about super heroes but about the love this couple finds with each other.

Tuesday, February 6, 07:10:09 PM

i loved it all im saddened that its over... but i know E.L. JAMES will come up with something to peek our fancy's.. Erika is to good not to do something else.. IM A HUGE FAN OF HERS FOR YEARS.. I HOPE SHE'LL COME TO THIS THEATHER ONE DAY AND DO A PROMO OF SOME SORTS. I WOULD DEFINETLY BUY TICKETS.. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST THEATHER IN SUFFOLK.. I WOULDNT GO ANY WHERE ELSE.THERE ALL SO HELPFUL AND RESPECTFUL AND PLEASENT.. GREAT JOB EVERYONE..!!! Kathy with a ;D "k"

Tuesday, February 6, 04:53:26 PM

So unlike real life roles men and women share in life.