Tuesday, February 14, 08:34:24 PM

Second film in the FIFTY SHADES series is even better.

Monday, April 25, 07:39:08 AM

Obviously all the good reviews are marlons friends.....don't even bother typing this into pirate bay .....its that BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 07:22:52 AM

A crazy good time at the movies!

Tuesday, February 9, 11:51:44 PM

Just plain bad:( save your money!

Tuesday, February 9, 04:40:32 PM

The funniest movie since Dirty Grandpa.

Monday, February 8, 10:46:26 PM

Horribly bad!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 09:05:04 PM

This movie was not good. Very dumb and plain stupid.

Sunday, January 31, 01:23:05 PM

Terrible terrible movie. Gross. A few cheap laughs. Walked out.