Saturday, August 3, 01:36:11 AM

This is the coolest and most thought provoking movie of its time.

Tuesday, September 23, 03:18:56 PM

Hands down, one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Wednesday, November 22, 05:46:11 PM

Best movie in history next to se7en

Tuesday, September 19, 01:17:20 PM

THA BOMB!! Man it plays with your head so much!!

Tuesday, August 8, 04:25:03 PM

the best movie ever -creechums sanches gonzalez

Monday, March 13, 08:08:11 PM

Wow, I just watched this movie and it was amazing.

Saturday, September 24, 10:38:41 AM


Sunday, July 17, 11:44:31 PM

Definant Favorite!!!!!!!!! Great Twist!!!!!!!!! Never would have figured it out until it was too late!!!!!!! LF

Tuesday, May 17, 08:14:38 PM

Genius! the entire cats writers and directors! until this movie came out there was nothing like it. it really makes you think. and always wonder what that stranger next to you on the bus is thinking. i cant help but watch this movie and applaud the thought processes

Friday, February 18, 03:46:27 PM

I thought this movie was terrible. I guess guys who like watching 2 men beat the hell out of eachother would like this movie. I thought it was horribly written and directed. Poor, poor Brad! He usually does so well.

Tuesday, November 30, 02:15:08 AM

The best film off 1999...

Wednesday, July 21, 02:11:23 PM

This is an awesome film. Pitt, Norton and B-C are at the top of their forms in this. The screenplay was superb. There is so much to this film that you must see it several times. I just wish I could see it for the first time again. The last act blew me away.

Wednesday, June 9, 01:10:54 PM

sexually charged homoerotic intensity loses steam at end abrupt and superbly acted

Saturday, August 16, 07:08:30 PM

so far i`ve seen it 6 times and i`m still not sick of it.... brad pitt was hilarious and i think ed norton is greatest actor alive..... i saw American History X (with norton) and couldn`t believe that it was the same actor..... the story line had me guessing till the very end, the cinematography was awesome, and i loved it`s sutle humour.... this is a must for anyone with a DVD player.....

Saturday, June 28, 10:18:49 PM

fight club is just...a amazing movie , nothing but amazing , u REALLY should rent or BUY this movie its worth it

Tuesday, May 13, 11:15:58 AM

This was a wickedly good movie...i mean, every part of it was so interesting...There were brilliant performances by my favourite actor, Edward Norton, and also Brad Pitt did a great job! I would seriously recommend it...And to those who liked Norton`s performance, watch American History X.

Friday, January 24, 01:33:26 AM


Wednesday, July 10, 09:54:32 AM

Fight club was the best!!!! One of the greatest movies

Wednesday, April 3, 12:17:32 PM

Best movie ever! I love Brad Pitt!!! Joni!

Saturday, March 30, 06:10:02 PM

absolutly raw, with a fiendish sense of style and wit... the best film ever

Thursday, February 14, 09:15:52 PM

i loved that movie its a kick azz movie it rocks your world it realy thos i loved it i realy did its a great movie

Saturday, January 5, 01:55:20 AM

Best movie ever

Tuesday, November 13, 10:17:11 AM

You re rich, you re upwardly mobile, you re young, you re male -- what do you do for fun? Beat the crap out of each other of course! Edward Norton plays a morbid man without family or friends stuck in a dead end corporate job and revolted by the consumer culture his generation lives in.

Tuesday, November 13, 10:16:55 AM

Based on the debut novel by Chuck Palanhiuk. His next novel CHOKE was also very good.

Monday, November 12, 08:16:07 PM

When I first saw previews I thought what a terribly violent movie. But after being forced by friends to watch it I was amazed I love it. Not just for Brad Pitt and Edward Norton but the movie was so well written and usually you can guess the end of this type of movies. But I was stuned. I truly loved it.

Sunday, October 14, 02:45:06 PM

this is the best movie ive ever seen in my life i love it