Tuesday, December 27, 01:02:20 PM

I thought this movie was great. Great fun for the family.

Saturday, November 12, 07:48:55 PM

It was a good movie pretty funny I really liked it.

Tuesday, November 8, 01:20:04 PM

Loved it!! Great sequel

Thursday, October 20, 10:44:18 AM

Great movie for the whole family :)

Thursday, September 8, 10:43:10 PM

I liked everything about this movie. It was so cute! Especially when the Baby Dory parts came in. It was heartfelt, funny, and emotional. I loved it to pieces. I totally recommend this movie.

Wednesday, August 31, 11:23:35 PM

Loved Nemo, but this has little in common.

Friday, August 26, 10:55:32 PM

I wanted to see it, but now I heard that they are shoving more lesbian couples into our kids faces... don't want to see it now.

Sunday, August 14, 10:59:45 PM

Such a cute family movie! Baby Dory was ADORABLE! My daughters (13-20 yrs.) & I all loved it! They thought it was better than Finding Nemo and want me to buy it when it comes out on DVD! :) We would totally go see it again!

Wednesday, August 10, 06:25:22 PM

It was super cute, funny, and heartwarming. Everyone will enjoy it. I saw it twice and would go see it again.

Wednesday, August 3, 08:30:03 PM

great movie

Monday, August 1, 08:43:51 PM

Very good... probably better than the original.

Monday, August 1, 05:08:05 AM

a heart melting movie...too cute movie...:-)

Wednesday, July 20, 01:49:15 PM

Best part was the movie before the movie...nothing to see here folks.

Wednesday, July 20, 12:53:41 AM

Loved it!

Tuesday, July 19, 05:03:40 PM

We ALL loved the movie. It held our attention and entertained us the whole time. Grandparents down to 10 year olds. Great sequel to Finding Nemo movie.

Friday, July 15, 03:51:24 PM

My daughter, husband and I all loved it!! Very well done. Amusing for all ages.

Friday, July 15, 02:02:04 PM

Great Movie! I had to look around in the very front because all of the spaces were taken. I heard people cry at the baby dory part XD. Thank you for this movie. #HaveYouSeenHer?

Monday, July 11, 05:39:53 PM

Great movie for ALL ages. Entertaining throughout the picture but got really funny towards the end.

Sunday, July 10, 07:51:45 PM

too long

Sunday, July 10, 07:46:40 PM

Is this the same movie everyone keeps saying is great? I don't know whats good about this movie. It was awful, dory is too annoying. Movie too long. Waste of time.

Saturday, July 9, 06:02:30 PM

It was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD loved it this movie is a must see

Friday, July 8, 06:33:20 PM

Too long. Cut about 20 minutes.

Friday, July 8, 10:32:56 AM


Wednesday, July 6, 08:21:09 PM

Wonderful animation and graphics. Story a little hard to follow--kids lost interest in parts of the film.

Monday, July 4, 07:38:02 PM

Not nearly as well done as Finding Nemo.

Monday, July 4, 05:33:11 PM

I thought finding Nemo was better

Sunday, July 3, 11:04:34 PM

Pixar you've done it again! Not as good as the original but very good. However, the end was a bit moist.

Saturday, July 2, 05:59:29 PM

Very interesting and funny!

Tuesday, June 28, 01:36:59 AM

Very funny just as good as finding nemo a laugh a minute

Saturday, June 25, 08:03:09 PM

f**king sucks

Thursday, June 23, 08:33:26 PM

REALLY? Whos Idea was it to schedule a Kids Flic in the AVX theater.... ? Ridiculous.

Wednesday, June 22, 02:14:25 AM

Enjoyed movie and characters

Sunday, June 19, 11:19:58 PM

The kids and I really enjoy the movie from A to Z! Dory and all her friends will definitely make you laugh! You don't need to see the first movie '' Finding Nemo'' to see this one but it a must to understand all the joke.

Sunday, June 19, 01:31:33 PM

Finding Dory is amazing. Its so magical to come back in the sea ! All the new characters are very cute and we want to know them more. Dory is the best character in the Pixar's Movies and it's a gift for the fan that I am to meet her again ! Beware of Hank the Octopus he will do everything to go in Cleveland !

Sunday, June 19, 12:35:20 PM

As I live out of the cities named, I put my entry into Vancouver where my son lives. He and his friend went last Wednesday. He really felt that Ellen DeGeneres was exceptional in her part as Dory. He also said that it was a Child's type of movie but an adult could enjoy it as well.

Sunday, June 19, 04:09:35 AM

I love Dory! Super cute movie for the entire family... Finding Nemo is still my favorite but the 10-year-old adored this one!

Sunday, June 19, 12:01:43 AM

Needed more dragons, bad film

Saturday, June 18, 10:43:20 PM

Great story! Family is not always the one your born into, but the friends who will do anything for you. Hope they do another just don't wait as long

Saturday, June 18, 04:58:48 PM

Enough shoving LGBT crap down our kids throats!

Saturday, June 18, 02:00:16 PM

why was there a lesbian couple???