Monday, May 31, 08:28:59 PM

Great story, location, fun, heart warming, and wonderful, lovable characters. ??????

Sunday, May 30, 06:12:40 PM

Wonderful story and wonderful acting. Just a plain out wonderful movie.

Saturday, May 29, 08:09:32 PM

Very pleasant story after some of the loud, unreal stuff we’ve been watching. I suppose it might be called — excuse me if this is sexist — a “chick flick”, but doggone it, I like a good romance every once in a while. This has some nice Irish scenery and some good Irish music.

Saturday, May 29, 05:49:18 PM

Good acting decent script. Not Oscar material but good entertainment: )

Saturday, May 29, 01:56:35 PM

Charming and at the same time, down-to-earth characters; absorbing story; heartfelt and smart script; and great Irish landscape. The two leads have a lot of chemistry. Really enjoyed this movie

Wednesday, May 19, 02:18:43 PM

I call these movies Human Interest Stories. this movie covered a lot of points of just living life. I loved it.

Wednesday, May 19, 11:53:32 AM

Quality movie to relax and enjoy without violence and/or vulgarity .

Tuesday, May 18, 12:21:45 PM

We took our kids and my in-laws to see this over the weekend (ages 9-65+) and all loved it! We laughed, cried, enjoyed a virtual tour of Ireland and had meaningful conversations after the movie ended. It was lighthearted, yet hit all the feels. Perfect first movie to go back to the theaters for!

Sunday, May 16, 08:54:10 PM

What a great film to start our post-Covid movie going! A wholesome, entertaining and wonderful movie that can be shared with the whole family. One of the best we've seen in many years! A real breath of fresh air!

Saturday, May 15, 07:54:37 PM

Nice movie , wholesome , indearing , heart felt , decent , the type of movie i will suggest to others ...

Thursday, May 13, 06:09:01 PM

excellent movie