Tuesday, July 23, 09:56:48 PM

A fun movie. A good message. Even the cat played a big role in the end.

Friday, July 19, 11:44:02 PM

Great Actors. The movies makes you reconsider some of the rumors from back then.

Friday, July 19, 08:24:16 PM

Lots of fun!! Acting was great and the story relevant. Trust the gubmint? Brought back memories of when I was 4 and amazed watching this incredible feat on TV! I could definitely see this again and relive those memories again. :)

Wednesday, July 17, 03:47:23 PM

As far as rom-coms go, this one is pretty good. Scarlett Johansson carries the movie. Beautiful as always and very likeable in this movie. The supporting players are all good. Woody Harrelson is usually good and does well here in a limited role. I like Channing Tatum and he does a fine job. I just have to try and forget his appearances as Magic Mike.

Wednesday, July 17, 07:26:21 AM

A not so serious light comedy with some brief momemts of drama for a change-up .A nice change from what's out there lately. Some archive film footage was memorable.

Monday, July 15, 02:14:11 PM

Lighthearted, no murders 🤣, happy, funny, positive.

Saturday, July 13, 05:08:27 PM

Much like the current fraud that is the ISS. The moon landing fraud is finally unable to stay hidden and is revealed to even Joe Six Pack! Good film!

Friday, July 12, 10:26:25 AM

Ridiculous story, Also Channing has outgrown his leading man appeal and Scarlett Johansson never had the qualities needed for a romantic lead. She's better off playing something like a housewife or a character role.

Sunday, July 7, 07:26:16 PM

The truth is FINALLY out there! Just face it, people -- we were had.

Saturday, July 6, 01:26:38 AM

Scarlett Johanssen puts in a sassy performance as a Madison Avenue ad-woman who goes to town in helping NASA rebuild both its brand and its wallet after the tragic Apollo 1 fire that killed three astronauts in 1967, while Channing Tatum puts in solid and believable role as the Apollo program launch director, who in real life was Rocco Petrone, though this could just as easily have been Deke Slayton. Woody Harrelson adds suspense to the plot in his role as a spook who works for the President, or so he says. An entertaining evening that keeps us guessing about what really happened. I know I liked it and I'm a 68 year old dude who remembers the original televised images from the Moon, which was indeed a memorable occasion.