Sunday, May 6, 10:35:18 PM

Loved it!! Very good movie. :)

Saturday, March 3, 11:17:39 PM

A very touching story. Watched it twice already. Love it.

Saturday, March 3, 08:24:31 PM

Absolutely loved this movie. Have seen it multiple times. Wonderful story. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

Wednesday, February 28, 09:11:56 AM

I've watched this movie 5 times . .wonderful touching love story.

Wednesday, February 14, 10:15:24 AM

This was a great movie for the family. We took our 14 year old grand daughter and she enjoyed it as well. We loved the character of Billy Ann, she was so funny. We laughed so much and we all had a great time.

Tuesday, February 13, 08:02:33 PM

This was a GREAT movie for the whole family. We even included our 9 year old grand daughter as it was entirely appropriate for her to see as well. Much better than Jumanji or Guardians of the Galaxy for her to see!!

Tuesday, February 13, 04:50:02 PM

Very sweet movie !! Billie was amazing!! Great feel good movie to escape positively for a few hours!!

Tuesday, February 13, 11:29:27 AM

Good story and good movie

Monday, February 12, 06:07:27 AM

Despite being somewhat predictable, I enjoyed it overall. A touching love story that brought tears to my eyes and I am a man in my 60's . I liked the music and the lovely scenery throughout the film . This movie proves that bad language and sex scenes as well as violence are not at all necessary for a film to be good. A great show to see with Valentine's Day coming up.

Sunday, February 11, 04:44:22 PM

Good show. I enjoyed myself.

Wednesday, February 7, 07:17:12 PM

Loved the whole story. It was put together so well that I felt I was part of it.

Tuesday, February 6, 12:16:40 PM

I liked that it was a wonderful love story with NO bad 4 letter words in it. We need more of these kind of movies!

Monday, February 5, 07:28:19 PM

I enjoyed it.

Sunday, February 4, 12:40:08 PM

Excellent!!! Just like movies used to be!

Sunday, February 4, 11:03:32 AM

Loved everything about this movie. The acting was outstanding! There was no sex or violence just a great story of love and forgiveness.

Sunday, February 4, 09:02:55 AM

It was nice. Not fantastic, but a very pleasant evening out. It was nice to see a story that doesn't try to shock your sensibilities.

Wednesday, January 31, 11:15:28 AM

THE BEST of the best. I wish I could talk w/the cast to tell them how really great and down to earth they all are. Alex, as Liam certainly deserves every recognition possible as well as all the others. I love the story and how it is told, the music is beautiful, especially I understand Alex trained to do this. How beautiful. So far I have seen it 5 times and going again today. Never get enough. Thanks

Monday, January 29, 07:19:23 PM

It's a story of forgiveness and second chances. Loved the movie.

Monday, January 29, 12:18:47 PM

A beautiful love story that I will watch again.

Monday, January 29, 08:36:29 AM

A somewhat predictable movie, but enjoyable and not full of sex and violence. The wife wanted to see it, but I enjoyed it as well. Also enjoyed the southern theme and cameos of Travis Tritt and Trace Adkins. A good family movie.

Sunday, January 28, 05:03:24 PM

It was a wholesome beautiful love story with no bad language or sexual scenes. Good story line. Would recommend it.

Sunday, January 28, 04:52:31 PM


Saturday, January 27, 08:34:00 PM

Amazing movie! It is as good as a sparks movie. My husband and I loved it and we don’t understand why more people don’t see it. You will cry! Hopeless Romantic

Tuesday, January 23, 04:34:31 PM

Sweet love story. Very well produced, and the acting was so believable! Anyone who has ever been in love, needs to see this one!

Sunday, January 21, 11:11:43 AM

I usually watch to see which movie the critics hate because I know I will probably love it. That is the case with this movie. It is a wonderful, feel good movie and the type Hollywood should make more of. Don't believe the critics. See it!

Saturday, January 20, 08:54:59 PM

A feel-good movie . A well-told tale . Loved the storyline . Abby Ryder Fortson who plays the 7 year-old daughter does an outstanding job with her adoringly pointed comments she unabashedly makes to the grownups. The country music background is refreshing as is the sense of the small-town close-knit community. The country singer Liam Page (who left home and his bride-to-be in order to pursue fame) is artlessly portrayed by Alex Roe in all of his character's multi faceted shades. So is the younger version poignantly displayed by Bradley Van Vugt. Jessica Rothe does a superb job as Josie the single Mom with a simple and giving heart. John Benjamin Hickey does an outstanding job as Liam Page's father and equally well-portayed is Tyler Riggs as the protective brother of Josie. In essence, it shows how children can be affected in their later decision-making in life, how sometimes tragedy can serve to bring people together, and how life's important things are what really matter. A movie about life, love and relationships. I wholeheartedly recommend it. And there is a cameo with Travis Tritt.

Saturday, January 20, 07:13:13 PM

Entertaining and enjoyable !, I wish there were more movies like this !! Getting tired of many that are out there !

Saturday, January 20, 12:38:52 PM

It has a very good story line. Very interesting relationship between a couple who are definitely in love. I really enjoyed it very much. Had a very good ending too.

Saturday, January 20, 03:44:03 AM

dragged a bit but not too bad or syrupy sweet.