Wednesday, July 13, 04:08:04 PM

The story line was good & the acting was very good, but it dragged on way too long.

Wednesday, July 13, 09:49:47 AM

WTF!?? Why in the hell is this movie not playing in Fredericton??

Tuesday, July 12, 10:42:46 PM

Realism & accuracy of research

Sunday, July 10, 08:37:14 PM

Awesome! Great and believable acting and plot. This true story/movie should be used to further teach society about the hardships and sad reality of slavery and its effects on mankind, regardless of race. Very, very well done!

Sunday, July 10, 01:51:17 AM

MM knocked it out of the park. Incredible movie.

Thursday, July 7, 12:15:50 PM

GREAT MOVIE!! Acting is excellent!! A story I had not heard before very moving.

Tuesday, July 5, 11:33:13 PM

It was a good let me Jonesing for a whiskey

Monday, July 4, 07:16:01 PM

Not what I expected, but a very interesting part of USA history. Being a history buff, I enjoyed it, always liking to learn things I never knew. It is a movie about the good and the bad of USA history.

Monday, July 4, 12:13:25 PM

Seems to be two stories in one & perhaps would have been better if the civil war story and Knight's decedent's personal stories were separated and developed more. I preferred the civil war refresher.

Monday, July 4, 12:20:37 AM

Too long too bloody bad acting

Sunday, July 3, 09:04:15 AM

"I loved how they included god in the plot."Some people are so absorbed in this religion fairytale that they see it everywhere. GIVE IT UP! The movie itself was good.

Friday, July 1, 06:08:16 AM

Great movie and great acting!!

Thursday, June 30, 09:14:56 AM

Great acting as well as action,a keeper

Tuesday, June 28, 06:10:39 PM

Horrible. Was hoping for much more. Dragged on and on. Bring a pillow as you will fall asleep.

Monday, June 27, 03:43:06 PM

Great movie..very well done - Mathew is excellent- Oscar performance

Monday, June 27, 03:17:32 PM

Intelligent, beautiful movie, deep and thought provoking. Superb acting all around, certainly will be a classic, seems to be historically accurate. If you are an intelligent moviegoer, enjoy, substance, good acting, and yet entertaining, this is the movie for you!

Monday, June 27, 02:29:53 AM

A terrible, slow moving and boring movie. Don't waste your money going to see it.

Sunday, June 26, 05:18:18 PM

Well done, informative and well acted film We loved it!.It was a little long, but never boring. Many stories in a very important time in American history. I recommend it.

Sunday, June 26, 04:17:49 PM

Very well done movie but just too long.

Sunday, June 26, 08:05:12 AM

I did not like this movie it was boring don't waste your money on it

Saturday, June 25, 06:55:30 PM

I was enthralled all the way through this movie. Read all the history books you want, but until you actually see something, you don't really understand things. We all know that there is literary license taken, but boy, this just kept you riveted. Even the song I'm Crying at the end brought some tears. Please don't ever allow us to go back to such a state of affairs.

Saturday, June 25, 04:41:38 PM

Good movie.

Friday, June 24, 02:27:03 PM

Riveting movie from beginning to end. I loved how they included God in the plot. Awesome.

Friday, June 24, 01:18:48 PM

Yet another example of extraordinary bravery to promote equality in times of slavery

Thursday, June 23, 11:12:44 PM

Loved it. We all need to be reminded once in a while about the horrible atrocities that people did to people for the sake of color.

Thursday, June 23, 11:11:23 PM

Awesome movie!

Saturday, February 27, 07:29:16 PM