Thursday, December 5, 10:10:03 PM

Some songs were bad

Monday, December 2, 06:05:40 PM

The plot and story was stronger than the first and seemingly more balanced between the sisters. It had a mature theme but still kept to the female-centric message for girls. The insight into their back-story makes me hopeful that there will be a Frozen 3 (?).

Monday, December 2, 03:24:46 PM

Absolutely loved it! Great story. A lot darker than the first one I found, but that isn't a bad thing. Couldn't have asked for a better sequel.

Monday, December 2, 11:51:27 AM

This movie was awesome

Monday, December 2, 11:35:27 AM

I loved this movie!

Saturday, November 30, 09:42:38 PM

Awesome movie gave Frozen 2 5 stars . Fans do like everything about 2 sisters and whole new cast was awesome Love songs lots , gave my review best rating deserves more multiple songs and do love cast edits was over . Always be Fans Frozen 2

Saturday, November 30, 02:59:01 PM

Loved it going to see it again with my little sisters

Friday, November 29, 06:36:22 PM


Friday, November 29, 03:27:21 PM

Love it

Friday, November 29, 10:24:59 AM

Love it

Monday, November 25, 01:36:44 PM

I don't want to spoil it, but it was rather confusing for kids. Also there are major plot holes. My wife and I said the animation was phenominal but the songs were....well not catchy like the original. You don't leave the theatre humming any tune. Plus there seemed like too many songs. It felt like they didn't have one that stood out so make more of them in the hopes that one becomes the next "let it go". My 3.5yr old daughter liked it, but she actually said she liked the first one better. That means something. She got very restless after the first 3/4. But, Disney did it again and will make another billion.

Sunday, November 24, 11:02:30 PM

Completely enjoyed entire movie as well to first movie did. Very entertaining, Kept full attention begging to end. Notice theater was kept cold. Loved the music

Sunday, November 24, 06:42:00 PM

No song was as much of standout as "Let it Go" but overall I felt they were stronger. The smartest move Disney made was giving Olaf a larger part. He should definitely win "Best Supporting Actor" assuming they can keep the auditorium cold enough so that he doesn't melt during his acceptance speech. :)

Sunday, November 24, 11:47:05 AM

Great movie. Olaf is so funny. Touching moments. Songs were ok, like the one with Elsa.

Sunday, November 24, 12:02:57 AM

I do enjoyed the First and the Second Frozen II Movie I would nominate this move to the Acdamey Awards.

Saturday, November 23, 08:45:38 PM

I love it

Saturday, November 23, 06:53:06 PM

my friend and I saw the movie’ this afternoon. we had liked it we had a good laugh

Saturday, November 23, 02:40:45 PM

Good Movie. Once was enough, songs were O.K. a little dark & deep for kids. Olaf was the bright spot. Amazing animation. Original Frozen was my favorite and hard to beat.

Saturday, November 23, 11:48:40 AM

Loved it

Saturday, November 23, 11:47:59 AM

Great movie for grandkids and me

Saturday, November 23, 11:47:03 AM

It was excellent all the way through

Saturday, November 23, 11:45:28 AM

I liked everything about this movie

Saturday, November 23, 10:40:51 AM

Why do they always go darker with a sequel. There was too many references to death. The animation was amazing (as expected). My wife and I agreed there was no stand out song like the previous movie. The 80's music video montage song was cool though. Don't think kids would get it. I have other comments about plot holes but I'll leave it to convos with people who have seen it.

Friday, November 22, 11:16:20 PM

Solid film! I was impressed with the darker story tones which made it different from the first picture. It’s a risky move but it paid off. The story. The characters and their emotional payoffs were carefully crafted into a dazzling movie-going experience. This film is a winner!

Friday, November 22, 10:20:38 PM

I like that they went considerably darker with this one. It's everything you want in a Frozen movie but didn't get the first time around.

Saturday, November 16, 05:06:26 PM

It was really cool

Tuesday, November 5, 11:39:34 AM

I loved it so yeh