Monday, June 14, 06:16:37 PM

The first FUBAR was fun and funny. A minor gem. This sequel is garbage. It is just the same thing over again. They couldn't come up with a new story?!? Unlike the first film, this movie is just as stupid as its characters. One of the laziest films ever made. The filmmakers should be ashamed of this dreck; and they should be punished for it.

Thursday, March 10, 03:22:35 PM


Sunday, March 6, 01:07:19 AM

amazing movie but you wont like it inless you see the first one

Sunday, January 2, 03:10:41 PM

Best movie ever,get off youre high horse and giver.

Thursday, December 23, 03:10:29 PM

not really worth the price of admission

Sunday, December 19, 11:18:43 AM


Sunday, December 19, 11:18:23 AM

Not my taste

Thursday, November 25, 04:26:48 PM

Great Canadian representation here!

Wednesday, November 24, 08:49:03 AM


Wednesday, November 10, 09:18:32 AM

Thoroughly enjoyed

Tuesday, November 9, 04:46:40 PM

Good enough to venture out and see!

Saturday, October 9, 12:14:31 AM

If you liked the original, this sequel should satisfy. It has more of the two principles givin er, this time in the tar sands. It has some sentimental scenes near the end that leaves you with More than a Feeling!

Thursday, October 7, 07:06:26 AM

Awsome film! Slice of Canadianna - Giver ER!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 01:52:35 PM

Give'r! A Canadian fave!

Saturday, October 2, 08:45:57 PM

Description: this movie is definitely Trailor Park Boys meets Jackass! There is no dull moment in this movie. You will be entertained with the main stars' fiascoes including fraud, mishaps and family and friendship are tested. Made in Alberta, with post-production in Quebec.

Saturday, October 2, 04:41:44 PM

This movie is awesome! First killllll!!!!!!!!!