Saturday, October 19, 10:53:53 PM

We enjoyed it completely...good plot ,,great acting & lots of action

Saturday, October 19, 01:15:20 AM

I agree with most of the reviews, this movie was bad. It put me to sleep during the first 30 minutes. Slow, nonsensical plot with poor action sequences. I can’t believe the studio hype any longer.

Friday, October 18, 12:44:21 PM

lmao that was baaaaad

Thursday, October 17, 11:38:51 PM

It is exactly what the poster shows. It showed what typical movies show!! Action from beginning to end. I am a fan and supporter of Will Smith. He is an intense actor!!!. I can"t wait for Bad Boys to come out! Everyone did a good job. I see 2 movies a week. Action packed!! Bike scene was great!!! It all depends on what you like in a movie!! The Gemini Man is a good movie. Go see it with an open mind. Will Smith is a clean cut guy!!

Thursday, October 17, 12:07:58 PM

Sometimes parents just don’t understand. Terrible Movie.

Wednesday, October 16, 11:50:01 PM

A 1/2 review on this one. Movie looked so much like a video movie, almost walked out half way thru this movie.

Wednesday, October 16, 12:09:55 PM

Four stars if you are a male between 12 to 20 seeing this but for everybody else, no more than two stars. This film is basically all action and offers a novelty of extreme high definition which is interesting. Will Smith plays his part well which is not the problem with the film but a script that is not novel or captivating and depends on stunt after stunt to carry the film forward. This is not a thinking persons film but more of a high school weekend flick which is fine. Two years from now nobody will be talking about this film and will only recall it in a very general outline.

Wednesday, October 16, 02:04:10 AM

I Loved it! Good story line, intriguing concept. Really fun. "Dude whip'd Wills ass with that motor"

Tuesday, October 15, 10:11:04 AM

Great movie, the female character is definitely the most compelling of the three (two of which are Will Smith). The cinematography was incredible, it's an experience you have to see on the big screen. And for the person who trashed the film, calling it a sleeper, please look up what sleeper means when it comes to movies. It means the film started slow but ended up being a hit. However, I bet the person who wrote that didn't even see this film.

Monday, October 14, 11:48:26 PM

What can I say other then pure GARBAGE. Don’t waste your time and money. Will smith versus himself really. What a joke. Wasn’t believable at all. Cheap movie for sure. If you have to see this go on cheap day or better yet just don’t see it. Wish I walked out because this was a sleeper for me

Monday, October 14, 08:03:21 PM

I loved it, had action, good story line, loyalty, to who it belonged, good movie

Monday, October 14, 05:15:18 PM

The movie was very entertaining. The acting was very good and the action was great. I don't know why so many people didn't like this movie. It was much better than I expected from watching the preview. I'm sure that anyone who enjoys a good action flick would like this movie.

Monday, October 14, 07:22:40 AM

Enjoyed this movie. Will Smith did a great job as always. Decent ending as well.

Sunday, October 13, 08:50:18 PM

I enjoyed watching this movie. However I had high standards for a movie starring Will Smith

Saturday, October 12, 11:32:46 PM

We hesitated to go see this Will Smith action movie because of the low "professional" reviews. But as usual, they were totally wrong! We loved it and so did others sitting around us. It was an intriguing plot, super high action..funny parts..great cast and acting...with Will Smith buff and amazing acting as usual. Until today we were sure Will Smith's son played Will Smith's look alike in this movie. Turns out Will Smith played more than one part with the help of a computer generated 23 year old Will Smith. I don't fully understand the technology involved to do this but it was very credible! The film was also shot in ultrahigh resolution using an ultrahigh frame rate, creating a picture that looks and feels more like reality. You felt like you were in the scene. We loved the movie and all the digital wizardry. Go see it!

Saturday, October 12, 10:18:30 PM

a very action packed movie. I do not usually like flicks with a lot of gun fire and sorts but this one was done quite well. The ending was real cool as well.

Saturday, October 12, 10:08:26 AM

Story was cool, best character was the girl but even more than that, the picture was amazing! I love watching movies and TV that are clear with beautiful cinematography and this was the best experience I've ever seen!

Friday, October 11, 08:05:45 PM

Fantastic action movie

Friday, October 11, 01:58:54 PM

Despite negative criticism, I saw this at 60fps and enjoyed it enough. The action was good and so was the acting. The only major flaw was the bad guy who wasn't very convincing with his cloning a person with empathy who could undermine him later. He also made himself caught too easily, typical of action movies.

Friday, October 11, 11:52:12 AM

Is this a reboot of the cheesy 70s tv series with Ben Murphy??? Is it a remake of Neil Breen's TWISTED PAIR ??? NO! It's much, much worse than either of those possibilities! It's the latest braindead Will Smith movie! Aaargh! GO AWAY WILL!

Friday, October 11, 05:35:56 AM

I liked the movie story line was cool and the action was right on point . I thought it was much more believable then fast and furious .I rate it 8 out of 10

Wednesday, October 9, 11:59:36 PM


Tuesday, October 8, 10:21:54 PM

You know they just grind these movies out for money...and put Will Smith as the star. Action, goofy feats and plots. I think I could write aa good a movie. But if your a Smith fan then enjoy because plots and acting do not matter.

Tuesday, October 8, 06:41:32 PM

Story line is worth a star, the rest "0" not worth the price of admission at half the price!

Tuesday, October 8, 01:41:04 PM

I was complaining about Will Smith always playing Will Smith. This is the epitome of that. No range. Glad I only spent 6.00.