Wednesday, April 26, 02:15:02 AM

This movie was just plain bad. Not worth any money.

Tuesday, April 25, 09:51:20 AM

This was one of the best screenplays that I have seen in a while. The concept was original and very entertaining.

Tuesday, April 18, 05:29:54 PM

This Movie was outstanding. Jordan Peele did a Masterful job in Writing and Directing.

Sunday, April 16, 04:09:48 AM

Excellent movie!!! Worth watching

Saturday, April 8, 06:53:52 PM

Really enjoyed the movie and the twist at the end was great.

Sunday, April 2, 08:48:12 AM

This movie was great! A few unexpected twists and some humor too! Looking forward to more Peele movies!

Friday, March 31, 09:32:56 PM

Shows the potential power of art that can make you think while entertaining you with humor and horror. Wish there were more like this - come on Hollywood, give us more like this!

Friday, March 31, 01:07:56 PM

Total waste of money and 2 hours. Only stayed bc of good albeit WRONG reviews. Very antiwhite superviolent nonsensical plot.

Wednesday, March 29, 12:53:13 PM

Really good show. Recommended it to all my friends

Monday, March 27, 01:51:51 PM

Confusing, boring, and nothing worth paying for

Sunday, March 26, 11:33:33 PM

Very good movie! Interesting idea!

Saturday, March 25, 10:26:26 PM

Worst movie i've ever seen,actually have yet to see a good movie at imagine. i mostly go for the comfortable seating. i also don't think purse checking is necessary,,after all it's not an air port.

Saturday, March 25, 06:00:45 PM

I was SO disappointed by this movie. There were some great moments, some spooky moments, and it did well to illustrate the awkwardness of white people who never hang out with black people "I voted for Obama"..... but it was just NOT scary, and the ending dropped the ball in the most horrible ways. Very mediocre and blah.

Tuesday, March 21, 09:00:32 AM

Horrible movie -there is nothing scary about this movie. Old plot, cheaply made. stupid story. I would have expected more from Kevin McCarthy and the directors. Instead of "Get Out" - "Don't Go"!!!

Saturday, March 18, 09:50:16 PM

Couldn't wait to GET OUT. Pretty bad in so many ways. I came to that conclusion yesterday after seeing the movie. I'm convinced now that I had understated the case.

Saturday, March 18, 04:37:29 PM

Great plot. Well done!

Friday, March 17, 04:20:50 PM

It was very predictable. The script was "just okay." I was very disappointed, expected a much better movie due to the 99% Rotten Tomatoes rating. A good cast with good acting by the main characters but they didn't have much to work with. No idea why everyone is raving about this. In 6 months nobody will even remember this movie.

Monday, March 13, 09:40:50 PM


Monday, March 13, 09:05:00 PM

For those giving this movie 1s and poor reviews. The reality is to review any movie you ACTUALLY HAVE TO SEE THE MOVIE FIRST! Daah

Monday, March 13, 03:10:26 PM

Ignore the reviews that this movie is racist. Absolutely narrow-minded, thoughtless comments. Did you miss the part, where it was asked...'why Black people?' and the answer was 'they're just the fad at the moment'. Perhaps the 'outrageous' premise that white minds would actually choose black bodies is what they found sooo who's racist? Just go see it! I was scared, laughed, and was completely entertaining. I can't wait to go see it again.

Sunday, March 12, 01:25:09 AM

Finally!!!! Sad that it took so long for a movie of this caliber to get made, and Hollywood to actually let it get you wonder??? Strange how, now, certain people want everything to be about race, when in fact the truth is just too unbearable... Refreshing to see the truth being brought to light.....Wake up, support Get Out before it too is gone!

Saturday, March 11, 11:44:00 PM

Great movie! For the people that are upset about it...Truth hurts-huh?

Saturday, March 11, 04:38:43 PM

I never seen it but trailer seems good

Friday, March 10, 05:22:31 PM


Friday, March 10, 01:03:47 PM

Jordan Peele should be ashamed of himself for producing such racist drivel. Is he that desperate to make a buck that he pushes hate?? On a daily basis, people are ridiculed & discriminated due to their religion,sexual orientation,country of origin,race, age, etc. WHY pay $10 bucks to see it promoted. SKIP this movie. We are better than this!

Friday, March 10, 12:57:03 PM

I have purposely NOT seen this movie because it promotes racism and hate. Shocked that t a movie that promotes white vs black violence blatantly was even produced!!! Our country is very divisive now. We should strive for understanding,equality,compassion and acceptance...NOT fan ignorance or hate!

Thursday, March 9, 10:20:19 PM

Great movie. Very intense at times, original. well written, actors were great. Absolutely loved it.

Wednesday, March 8, 02:10:02 PM

This movie is about the 'daily horror' endured by many visible minorities over the centuries, and specifically African Americans. There is no 'agenda' is a brilliant play on social conditions in the U.S. using the vehicle of the horror genre. Take note: it is not a 'guilting' of people who behave in such manner to visible minorities, but a call to action to change your behaviours and attitudes. Walking out of the film just shows that you are incapable of expressing courage in the face of social justice and change.

Tuesday, March 7, 06:16:22 PM

Great movie. Suspense..

Tuesday, March 7, 07:15:38 AM

Ridiculous and pushes anti white agenda

Sunday, March 5, 10:49:36 PM

Masterful filmmaking in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanski, and Spike Lee. The racial themes only add to the feelings of tension and humour. People offended by this movie are lame.

Sunday, March 5, 06:53:06 AM

Wow! What an amazing movie. "Get Out!" Will have you invested so much into the movie you'll forget about your surroundings. I have seen a horror/suspense movie receive unanimous round of applause by people of all races. It was truly a sight to see. Best of all it breaks the mold of your typical horror/suspense which was both refreshing and well past due. #instantclassic

Friday, March 3, 08:42:05 PM

4 OUT OF 10 worst movie EVER, EVER

Friday, March 3, 02:45:13 PM

Quite the thriller, like an old time horror, shocker with an interesting racial theme. Well done.

Thursday, March 2, 04:12:02 PM

I love suspense and this movie gave me that..loved the twists and turns.

Thursday, March 2, 03:19:48 PM

It kept my interest and was really kinda creepy!

Thursday, March 2, 01:56:26 PM

Nice acting by the 2 stars. Especially like how Allison Williams handled the role. Love her smile. It's a horror flick that has subtle undertones that keep you guessing. Sort of a twist on the Stepford Wives theme with racial overtones included. A little too much Hollywood glitz in the script at times especially at the end. It's so difficult to wrap up horror and sci fi movies with a believable ending. But worth a look.

Wednesday, March 1, 03:13:10 PM

I thought it was very good. Held my attention from beginning to end. I jumped a few times.

Wednesday, March 1, 12:00:01 PM

Starts a little slowly,but ramps up superbly. 5 stars

Tuesday, February 28, 10:08:45 PM

Overall pretty good; twisted and creepy, it definitely has a few Jordan Peele moments in it as well. Great ending with resolution, something most thriller/horrors never give you. For all of you silly individuals who are looking for something racist in here, give it a writer, black director, cool movie! Simple as that.