Wednesday, March 8, 02:10:02 PM

This movie is about the 'daily horror' endured by many visible minorities over the centuries, and specifically African Americans. There is no 'agenda' is a brilliant play on social conditions in the U.S. using the vehicle of the horror genre. Take note: it is not a 'guilting' of people who behave in such manner to visible minorities, but a call to action to change your behaviours and attitudes. Walking out of the film just shows that you are incapable of expressing courage in the face of social justice and change.

Tuesday, March 7, 06:16:22 PM

Great movie. Suspense..

Tuesday, March 7, 07:15:38 AM

Ridiculous and pushes anti white agenda

Sunday, March 5, 10:49:36 PM

Masterful filmmaking in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanski, and Spike Lee. The racial themes only add to the feelings of tension and humour. People offended by this movie are lame.

Sunday, March 5, 06:53:06 AM

Wow! What an amazing movie. "Get Out!" Will have you invested so much into the movie you'll forget about your surroundings. I have seen a horror/suspense movie receive unanimous round of applause by people of all races. It was truly a sight to see. Best of all it breaks the mold of your typical horror/suspense which was both refreshing and well past due. #instantclassic

Friday, March 3, 08:42:05 PM

4 OUT OF 10 worst movie EVER, EVER

Friday, March 3, 02:45:13 PM

Quite the thriller, like an old time horror, shocker with an interesting racial theme. Well done.

Thursday, March 2, 04:12:02 PM

I love suspense and this movie gave me that..loved the twists and turns.

Thursday, March 2, 03:19:48 PM

It kept my interest and was really kinda creepy!

Thursday, March 2, 01:56:26 PM

Nice acting by the 2 stars. Especially like how Allison Williams handled the role. Love her smile. It's a horror flick that has subtle undertones that keep you guessing. Sort of a twist on the Stepford Wives theme with racial overtones included. A little too much Hollywood glitz in the script at times especially at the end. It's so difficult to wrap up horror and sci fi movies with a believable ending. But worth a look.

Wednesday, March 1, 03:13:10 PM

I thought it was very good. Held my attention from beginning to end. I jumped a few times.

Wednesday, March 1, 12:00:01 PM

Starts a little slowly,but ramps up superbly. 5 stars

Tuesday, February 28, 10:08:45 PM

Overall pretty good; twisted and creepy, it definitely has a few Jordan Peele moments in it as well. Great ending with resolution, something most thriller/horrors never give you. For all of you silly individuals who are looking for something racist in here, give it a writer, black director, cool movie! Simple as that.

Tuesday, February 28, 06:25:10 PM

Not my kind of genre, but I thought I'd at least give it a chance. I left thirty minutes into it. That's about twenty more minutes than I really wanted to be there. It's an agenda film, for the most part. Very black/very white liberal shoving with weirdness thrown in. Simple as that. Don't waste your money.

Tuesday, February 28, 06:11:55 PM

The best movie that I have ever seen in a long time.

Monday, February 27, 05:21:15 PM

The acting was great. The Story was good but not amazing,however overall this was an excellent thriller. I wouldn't say it is horror but the story is somewhat ominous. I would give it a solid 7/10. Enjoyed watching it with the wife.

Monday, February 27, 02:08:39 PM

This movie is so much fun! I'm gonna see it again.

Monday, February 27, 11:14:35 AM

This movie was considered progressive, butit is not inclusive to the lgbt community. This is a clear attack on our strive for equality

Monday, February 27, 11:11:56 AM

Absolutely terrible. The only reason this movie is doing well is because of private agendas

Monday, February 27, 04:07:49 AM


Monday, February 27, 01:28:31 AM

The feel good movie of 2017.

Monday, February 27, 12:24:09 AM

I've read mixed reviews about this movie so I decided to see it for myself, and it was very well done. I really enjoyed this movie. This is a must see.

Sunday, February 26, 04:38:04 PM

Definitely not Oscar material, but then again thats not the audience its going for. The first half of the movie kept you guessing what's it all about, once you know it goes down hill fast

Sunday, February 26, 12:18:37 PM

Almost as bad as "the denial"

Sunday, February 26, 12:16:06 PM

A movie that so boring it makes the bee movie more thrilling

Saturday, February 25, 09:54:46 PM

Loved everything about this movie. It had me guessing.

Saturday, February 25, 08:06:26 PM

I am giving this movie a five. I was riveted to my seat the whole. If you like thrillers this us a good one.

Saturday, February 25, 03:08:50 PM

Not your usual thriller - got a nice surprise ending.

Saturday, February 25, 09:08:18 AM

Pleasantly surprised. Such a good movie with a twist. See it.

Saturday, February 25, 01:12:26 AM

I enjoyed this thriller. Liked the plot and twist at the end. Certainly kept my interest.

Friday, February 24, 06:52:08 PM

Why is Bernie on the movie poster? Definitely no refunds for this movie !

Friday, February 24, 06:49:01 PM

Terrible movie with bad acting and racist stereotypical "shocks". This a cheap movie gaining momentum from the current racial turmoil

Friday, February 24, 04:06:31 PM

Important story telling.....not for those in denial.

Friday, February 24, 01:45:04 AM

Sadly, clueless SJWs are reflexively attacking this film without doing their homework or even seeing it. It's a brilliant thriller written and directed by an AFRICAN AMERICAN man rooted in some of his personal experiences.

Thursday, February 23, 12:45:50 PM

Excellent movie. Great plot. Of course the usual whiners who are offended by everything to include the wind changing direction are giving it low marks. Do yourself a favor. Don't jump on the band wagon of discontent so easily. See the movie and make your own decision. I think you'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 21, 02:25:30 PM

This is horror on a daily basis for many brown and black families. Watching racism played out in a horror movie for laughs is no laughing matter!

Sunday, February 12, 03:03:48 PM

Good storyline. For those complaining because of the state of America now this is not a good movie...... News Flash!! America has ALWAYS been this way! People hate it when their dirty laundry is aired. Deal with it.

Thursday, January 26, 04:04:21 PM

Brilliant story line especially now with the States and the division between races. This is gonna be good.

Tuesday, January 24, 11:44:30 AM

Horrible story line especially now with the States and the division between races. This is not gonna be good at all.