Thursday, August 3, 05:17:29 AM

Now my favourite movie ever!

Thursday, August 3, 05:15:45 AM

Amazing! Best movie I have seen in a long time! Very touching, emotional and relatable!

Thursday, July 27, 02:56:17 AM

Too bad Evans can't act his way out of a paper bag.

Tuesday, May 30, 12:57:20 PM

Emotionally touching story that is made believable by strong acting by the main characters.

Tuesday, May 30, 10:17:53 AM

Excellent movie!

Saturday, May 20, 05:15:11 PM

Great movie. The acting was superb.

Friday, May 19, 11:17:41 AM

Should be returned at all costs.

Thursday, May 18, 10:50:46 AM

Chris Evans in his best role by a mile, and the best child acting in a film since Jacob Tremblay in Room. Honest and emotional, this is a movie that has heart as well as intellect and is actually worth spending money to see.

Wednesday, May 17, 11:06:19 AM

Very good

Tuesday, May 16, 10:25:29 PM

I see a lot of movies and this was almost as good as Brooklyn. Without a doubt, a very entertaining movie.The little girl was excellent.

Sunday, May 14, 02:36:54 PM

Gifted is more of a character rather than plot driven type of movie. The principal performers were wonderful in their roles, with Octavia Spencer's part basically a cameo. The story is not all that unusual and likely plays out in quite a few homes.

Thursday, May 11, 11:05:45 AM

One of the better movies I've seen in a long time. Up-lifting...feel good..heartfelt movie...I wish they would make more of this type movie.

Wednesday, May 10, 04:56:00 PM

Excellent, heartfelt, loyal and tug at your heartstrings movie. Funny and great portrayal of actors.

Monday, May 8, 08:22:03 PM

Really enjoyed this movie. Worth seeing !!

Friday, May 5, 09:31:53 AM


Thursday, May 4, 10:00:11 AM

Excellent movie, heartwarming caring Chris Evans is amazing. Love his character and love the actor they chose to play this role. Chris Evans really shines in this heartfelt movie.

Wednesday, May 3, 11:33:35 PM

Totally awesome movie! Filled with emotion, courage, loyalty, love, determination. What is important isn't money or social position, but being there for those who need you and love you. Must see and should be an Oscar contender.

Wednesday, May 3, 12:58:10 PM

Loved this movie and have gone twice to see it. I would go again!!! Loved the acting! One of the best movies I have seen for a long time. The young girl is so adorable in this movie.

Wednesday, May 3, 10:42:17 AM

gifted is a good movie

Wednesday, May 3, 01:04:36 AM

Unrealistic. There are child prodigies, but they come from parents who nurture a talent or in the constant presence of a talent they observe unhindered. There is a Fred, Alford, and Roy Adler all mathematicians none from England, according to Google. The navier-stokes problem has not been solved. Despite the inaccuracy of facts, it was more on the scale of a television drama. A lot of gaps in this movie too. who was in classroom watching the the kids before the teacher walked in? Usually the teacher is in the room before the kids. Also, I am certain first graders know what 1+ 1 is, because Kindergartners can add double digits. They should have consulted a real teacher for this movie and real gifted kids. This a watered down, unrealistic, camouflaged ugly drama of another movie with Jody Foster. I thought Boss Baby was cute. Better money spent and more creative. Oh, and the pace is slow.

Tuesday, May 2, 01:24:13 PM

Loved the movie. Humorous, emotional, great acting by all. Saw it twice.

Sunday, April 30, 09:34:24 PM

Film is well directed and very well written. Just the right amount of humour and emotion. Very believable. Casting was perfect!

Saturday, April 29, 11:26:33 PM

Excellent movie!!! Exceptional acting and a well developed story line .Should be a definite Oscar contender for 2017.

Saturday, April 29, 02:00:56 PM

One of the better movies this year - great story line - well acted!

Saturday, April 29, 08:40:05 AM

This was an amazing movie! Absolutely loved it! Exceptionally done with amazing actors especially the little girl! It will touch your heart!

Friday, April 28, 12:03:50 PM

My sister-in-law and myself loved this movie. that little girl has a lot of talent

Wednesday, April 26, 05:26:50 PM

Loved this movie.

Wednesday, April 26, 12:38:37 AM

Great story, outstanding acting.

Tuesday, April 25, 10:28:49 PM

This Film will touch your heart! Throw in a few surprises too, this film is Gifted. See it in Theatres if you can!!

Tuesday, April 25, 01:30:59 PM

Loved the movie.

Sunday, April 23, 10:14:45 AM

My wife, adult daughter and I just seen this movie, we all really liked this movie. So refreshing to see a movie of this quality being made.

Sunday, April 16, 02:20:16 PM

I agree! When a review is written, please leave out the plot! The movie was excellent!

Sunday, April 16, 02:17:43 PM

I loved this movie. The plot was good. The characters were developed well. The cast was incredible. Chris Evan's was great. The little girl - amazing. Just a well made movie! I enjoyed it.

Sunday, April 16, 01:08:05 PM

Kind of dragged in places.

Saturday, April 15, 12:19:49 AM

Fantastic. Movies like this one are rare these days. A must see!!!

Friday, April 14, 11:50:19 PM

BRILLIANT - As good as last year's Oscar nominees. Chris Evans (Captain America) shows serious acting chops, and McKenna Grace is amazing as the "gifted" bob

Friday, April 14, 10:07:09 PM

My wife and I really enjoyed this movie. No car crashes, no explosions but a great story and incredible performances.

Thursday, April 13, 12:44:29 PM

What the heck? When you give a review, don't give away the storyline!! That's not what we are looking for in a review!! Why do people do this??

Friday, April 7, 11:07:25 AM

Phenomenal movie. Great performances and story is very heartwarming and entertaining.

Wednesday, April 5, 10:07:34 PM

Excellent movie. McKenna Grace is a great actress. A beautifully made movie.