Wednesday, April 26, 05:26:50 PM

Loved this movie.

Wednesday, April 26, 12:38:37 AM

Great story, outstanding acting.

Tuesday, April 25, 10:28:49 PM

This Film will touch your heart! Throw in a few surprises too, this film is Gifted. See it in Theatres if you can!!

Tuesday, April 25, 01:30:59 PM

Loved the movie.

Sunday, April 23, 10:14:45 AM

My wife, adult daughter and I just seen this movie, we all really liked this movie. So refreshing to see a movie of this quality being made.

Sunday, April 16, 02:20:16 PM

I agree! When a review is written, please leave out the plot! The movie was excellent!

Sunday, April 16, 02:17:43 PM

I loved this movie. The plot was good. The characters were developed well. The cast was incredible. Chris Evan's was great. The little girl - amazing. Just a well made movie! I enjoyed it.

Sunday, April 16, 01:08:05 PM

Kind of dragged in places.

Saturday, April 15, 12:19:49 AM

Fantastic. Movies like this one are rare these days. A must see!!!

Friday, April 14, 11:50:19 PM

BRILLIANT - As good as last year's Oscar nominees. Chris Evans (Captain America) shows serious acting chops, and McKenna Grace is amazing as the "gifted" bob

Friday, April 14, 10:07:09 PM

My wife and I really enjoyed this movie. No car crashes, no explosions but a great story and incredible performances.

Thursday, April 13, 12:44:29 PM

What the heck? When you give a review, don't give away the storyline!! That's not what we are looking for in a review!! Why do people do this??

Friday, April 7, 11:07:25 AM

Phenomenal movie. Great performances and story is very heartwarming and entertaining.

Wednesday, April 5, 10:07:34 PM

Excellent movie. McKenna Grace is a great actress. A beautifully made movie.

Saturday, January 14, 12:04:30 PM

Anything without the use of CGI has my vote.