Tuesday, December 6, 01:43:41 AM

Superior mystery movie adapted from one of my favourite Beatles songs. 4/5

Wednesday, November 30, 01:11:47 AM

Really really fun cast with great chemistry. Janelle Monae was fantastic and so much fun to see Daniel Craig, Edward Norton. My other favorites were Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom, jr. I didn’t figure twists out so that was fun as well.

Monday, November 28, 12:01:13 PM

Man, people stayed away from this in droves -- it didn't even crack the Top 20 grossers of the week! I guess the studio heads knew what they were doing pulling it from theaters after a week.

Sunday, November 27, 10:51:56 PM

I enjoyed this movie, it had some good twists in it! Love Daniel Craig but couldn't stand his accent!

Sunday, November 27, 10:11:59 AM

I don't think this was Daniel Craig best. The movie lacked of good concept. There should've have been two detectives in the movie. There was only one. I think the first movie as Knives Out was better.

Saturday, November 19, 03:05:10 PM


Saturday, November 19, 03:41:31 AM

You mean I have to wait a whole week before seeing this properly on tv?! Thanks a lot, theater goers!!!