Tuesday, March 19, 01:50:49 PM

Liked it !... would watch again ....

Friday, March 15, 08:48:12 PM

Loved it. The perfect blend of reality into the comic book world. Haters be damned

Wednesday, March 6, 01:59:24 PM

If you're looking for action, this ain't it. Your lead actors are well into their 60s and it's pretty draggy in places.

Tuesday, March 5, 09:03:26 PM


Friday, March 1, 05:39:32 PM

I liked the part with David dunn fighting Kevin the beast he needed to beat him up after Kevin murders the two wonderful ladies!!! PS Bruce Willis coming back as David dunn is going to be awesome!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 03:11:57 AM


Monday, February 25, 01:59:12 AM

Excellent movie! Worth watching. Split is also excellent. James McAvoy is amazing performing multiplr personalities

Monday, February 25, 01:55:13 AM

An absolutely amazing movie specially for those who are intrigued by the world of psychiatry. James McAvoy is an excellent actor. Worth watching! Recommended you watch Split to understand better Glass

Friday, February 22, 10:11:55 PM

I found the movie really scary

Friday, February 22, 04:28:41 PM

I LOVED the first two installments and found the third to fall painfully short. What a disappointment! A waste of the talents of Samuel L Jackson, the titular character who does almost nothing for most of the film. James McAvoy was great, but the ending left us completely disappointed, and the famous M. Night gotcha moment was extremely weak. I wish I could go back in time to the last frames of Split, which set up such a sense anticipation for the final chapter, that i couldn't wait to see this movie. I once wished I could be David Dunn, now, I am just glad this whole series is done and I won't have to see any more.

Wednesday, February 20, 04:09:13 PM

Good movie to take a long nap.

Wednesday, February 20, 03:33:10 PM

Appears to me somebody needed a payday. Boring movie and not done professionally.

Tuesday, February 19, 02:42:51 PM

One of the worst movies seen in a very long time. could not follow the story at all. Waked out about half way through as it was so boring.

Tuesday, February 19, 01:59:00 PM

The worst movie from this director.

Sunday, February 17, 07:54:57 PM

This movie was boring.

Friday, February 15, 08:47:48 PM

Confusing movie.

Friday, February 15, 02:08:07 PM

To hard to follow!

Thursday, February 14, 09:53:47 PM

This movie was a joke. Saved your money.

Wednesday, February 13, 08:30:57 PM

This movie was exactly a recipe for a disaster. I did not like at all. The director lost his talent years ago.

Wednesday, February 13, 06:42:13 PM

Terrible story. No begining or end.

Wednesday, February 13, 11:51:41 AM

It wasnt as action packed as it seemed. Split was a million times better. The ending was piss!

Wednesday, February 13, 10:03:40 AM

I LOVED THIS MOVIE! Just wondering WHY James McAvoy was NOT nominated for a academy award. With all that actor with different characters and doing it so PROFOUNDLY WELL.....!

Monday, February 11, 12:44:07 AM

This movie was totally useless.

Monday, February 11, 12:11:42 AM

By far the best movie I have seen in a long time.

Sunday, February 10, 05:51:10 PM

Movie was so boring that I wish the movie had a much better sitting area.

Sunday, February 10, 06:39:02 AM

This not action movie. We knew that The movie was very slow and the dialogue was useless. The plot did not go anywhere.

Sunday, February 10, 03:26:51 AM

What a trashy movie. Save your money. Shymalan is robbing you.

Saturday, February 9, 11:59:59 PM


Saturday, February 9, 11:58:34 PM

Just terrible. To the people who walked out I am glad. Best thing you could do to this movie. I say and watched the whole thing through and it was a mistake. Just complete utter trash. Wasted talent of the actors. Samual Jackson spent most of his time in a wheel chair doing nothing and saying nothing. The action scenes that it had were not good at all. The ending by far was one of the worst that I have ever scene in my life. If shaymalan makes more movies I will never see another one.

Saturday, February 9, 05:46:24 PM

Superb conclusion to a wonderful comic book trilogy outside the Marvel/DC miasma

Saturday, February 9, 04:52:57 PM


Saturday, February 9, 05:06:17 AM

We did not like this movie. We left almost right away. They gave us our money back.

Friday, February 8, 10:25:29 PM

No way. Another bad production from Shymalan.

Friday, February 8, 04:17:41 PM

Movie was so bad that I ended watching another movie to forget this horrible movie.

Friday, February 8, 04:14:54 PM

Lousy movie.

Friday, February 8, 04:12:32 PM

Decent movie. Kept me engaged throughout.

Thursday, February 7, 10:55:30 PM

Great movie, interesting end to the Trilogy. Would see it again

Thursday, February 7, 09:33:31 PM

Mcavoy could not save the movie. Just terrible. Boring and long. Don’t waste your money and time. Go see something else or just stay home and skip this one

Thursday, February 7, 04:22:19 PM

The glass was broken from the begining to the end. Good seating area. Yummy Popcorn. 5 starts. The movie. Three guys trying to convence that movie was good. Lol

Thursday, February 7, 04:18:10 PM

This movie was useless. I almost ended taking a nap during the movie.