Sunday, February 3, 12:27:59 AM

Great Movie. Seems like some people don't enjoy M. Night's talents. Great cast, interesting story. May be a little slow but that's not always a bad thing!

Saturday, February 2, 07:14:17 PM

Brilliant I think not. You don’t need to see the first 2 to understand what is going on. They explain a bit about the first 2 enough that you can follow this weak sh*t movie. Wish I never saw it. I agree with the first 20 minutes you think this is going to go somewhere and then it doesn’t. It is soooooooo slow and just boring

Saturday, February 2, 06:35:30 PM

Brilliant, dont miss performance by James Macavoy who deserves an oscar nod

Saturday, February 2, 05:03:05 PM

Great movie, if you do not know the first 2 movies in the series you will be completely lost.

Saturday, February 2, 01:41:04 PM

Good movie!

Saturday, February 2, 12:26:06 PM

I went to watch this movie because showed this was rate movie bla bla..... but I found the movie was very bad. The begining looked interesting but after 20 minutes the whole thing was going in circles. What a trash.

Saturday, February 2, 09:34:19 AM

If you didn't see the first two films, then you would be lost. It was entertaining and I enjoyed the ending, with the exception of Bruce Willis's weak end.

Saturday, February 2, 08:14:59 AM

Excellent movie with a great cast!!!

Saturday, February 2, 05:42:04 AM

Horrible movie. I knew after I found who directed this movie.

Friday, February 1, 09:40:59 PM

I agree with everyone on here so boring and definitely a sleeper for sure. This is a waste of talent with these actors. They could play in such better roles. Surprised to see them take on these trashy roles like Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson. Just terrible movie

Friday, February 1, 04:32:28 PM

This movie was zzzz. No idea how his director still making movies.

Friday, February 1, 01:50:32 PM

I agree not worth your time and money. BORING. STAY AWAY

Friday, February 1, 06:48:29 AM

Boring... not worth your time or money

Thursday, January 31, 09:06:21 PM

This is garbage and totally dragged on and on. The last 20 minutes was pointless and could have been cut out after what ever happened to the 3 main actors. This is not worth your time or money. I am glad to see this is at 2 stars now hopefully it goes down to 1.

Thursday, January 31, 09:04:36 PM

I am happy that the one person skipped this movie. You did the right thing. This movie was so terrible that I wish I could have got a refund. This director is not very good at making movies except making bad ones. Don’t waste your time

Thursday, January 31, 07:52:50 PM

No way. This movie was the worst film from this director.

Wednesday, January 30, 05:08:19 PM

Predictable and the actors are both well past their prime.

Wednesday, January 30, 05:07:20 PM

I check a lot of sites before seeing a movie. This one is polling badly everywhere. I'll skip.

Wednesday, January 30, 03:23:17 PM

So..... why didn't the bad dude just close his eyes and attack? Loved Unbreakable, Split was 'Meh', could not wait for this movie to be over and leave the theater. Was really looking forward to this, mostly for the Bruce Willis character. Cool they got the original kid to play the same part. So disappointed in the movie though.

Wednesday, January 30, 01:39:07 PM

i thought this movie was an entertaining continuation of the first 2 movies (Unbreakable and Split). It helps if you enjoy comic books.

Tuesday, January 29, 05:25:14 PM

Save your money or see something else.

Tuesday, January 29, 03:44:21 PM

I don’t have a clue why this movie was boring. Seriously? The director was trying to do another x-men movie. Lol. Failed.

Tuesday, January 29, 03:41:48 PM

The worst movie of the year.

Tuesday, January 29, 02:36:51 AM

We did not like this movie at all. We left 20 minutes before was going to end. The movie was too predictable.

Monday, January 28, 08:31:28 PM

I enjoyed the movie - if you like the prior 2 movies, you'll enjoy this one.

Monday, January 28, 06:31:06 PM

The movie starts okay but suddenly falls into Shyamalan narrative style and etc. I felt this movie like a copy from other copy.

Monday, January 28, 12:28:29 AM

I understand why this film has received mostly negative reviews. The concept is interesting, but it's not executed with the emotional depth Unbreakable promised 19 years ago. David, Elijah, and Kevin are really cool characters. I think the story should have gone in different directions to further explore their inner-lives and struggles, and give them a far more satisfying conclusion than the one we received.

Sunday, January 27, 05:50:30 AM

Nothing new to watch from this story. Good popcorn.

Sunday, January 27, 01:27:13 AM

Terrible story.

Saturday, January 26, 01:47:56 PM

I thought it was a good movie. I don't know why it is getting so many bad reviews. I guess the bad reviews are coming from CGI loving morons who probably love movies like the Transformers' franchise.

Saturday, January 26, 10:21:12 AM

Oh please give us a break from this director. The movie made me snore. Zzz.

Friday, January 25, 08:27:18 PM

fell flat half way thru

Friday, January 25, 07:59:11 PM

What exactly I watched last week? This movie is horrible. The trailer is much better than this movie.

Friday, January 25, 05:34:29 AM

My money back, Shyamalan should stop long time making movies. This movie was stupid.

Thursday, January 24, 10:06:25 PM

Stupid, boring, waste of time.....don't waste your money, safe it for a movie that you really want to see.

Thursday, January 24, 10:05:21 PM

I know this was a follow-up movie but I didn't realize it until half way thru, it was all over the place, kind of stupid. If you don't see it, you don't miss anything. I didn't even realize the original cast was in it. Save your money.

Thursday, January 24, 04:37:00 PM

A lame movie as his director.

Thursday, January 24, 03:31:32 PM

I really enjoyed McAvoy I think he is a great actor . He can play his roles well. I really taken notice of him before but in this film he made me laugh at different times. Not really impressed with the story line, really didn't know what was what. I think McAvoy should play killer nurse in a thriller something to do with multiple personalities, in a mental hospital .He sure is great in changing personalities Love to play with him in the movie...So director go for it and give me a call....

Thursday, January 24, 02:22:16 PM

Pretty slow moving for a super hero movie.

Thursday, January 24, 02:20:54 PM

Samuel Jackson again? Bruce Willis? Geriatric super heroes? Let's just do another sequel to Cocoon while we're at it. Hollywood is done.