Wednesday, April 3, 04:11:33 PM

Silly documentary that makes no sense and just lies. The Christian faith's most important rule is " Love Thy Neighbor." The people making this doc overlook this completely. I know no Christian who desires to rule/ impose their will over others. But if one is opposed to the golden rule of thou should not kill or not rob thy neighbor -- and not covet thy neighbors spouse then sure the Christians are a problem... I just don't see that is the case. And if anything is said differently, then the ones who say this know nothing about Jesus Christ and those who truly practice their faith. As for the word "Nationalist?" What does that really mean? One who loves their country and culture? I see know problem with that... The doc that really needs to made is the one that explains the many Americans who worship the false gods of Marx and Mao -- who I call the man -made ugly gods. Here we have a big problem as anyone can dip in to the Marx and Mao history and learn the gruesome results of this false religion and the countries who worshiped communism and suffered for it. I personally will follow the God that tells us we are very flawed people and provides a path to check our sins over the ones that says anything goes and power and tyranny over others rules the day.....

Sunday, February 25, 07:10:45 AM

Good documentary about crazy people that want to take over the country. It"s the element in society that makes me embarrassed to be American.

Tuesday, February 20, 12:20:14 PM

This film gives an excellent overview of the Christian Nationalist movement and how it is actually more of a political or power movement. We can do as Jesus commanded us and be his hands and feet in the world while still being a patriotic American. We must not however distort our faith and turn it into a force for anger and exclusion.