Thursday, March 23, 08:08:57 PM

I was hoping for a solid argument at least but disappointed again.

Monday, May 2, 11:36:28 AM

Great movie! true to life . shows faith in action . Easy to get emotional with this one. Best Christian movie !

Tuesday, April 26, 03:18:40 PM

Thank you so much for showing this movie here in St. Thomas, Ontario. Christian movies like this are needed at a time when more and more often other religions are recognized and Christianity is not on a worldwide basis! This movie 'God's Not Dead 2' shows really well what is happening to our right to believe in God as it pertains to every part of our lives! The people that created this movie also proved that a movie can be entertaining without obscenities or nudity in it! Please bring all Christian movies shown in London, Ontario here to St. Thomas, Ontario as well!

Monday, April 25, 12:11:17 PM

ODIN, is not pleased with this picture! Pure drivel.

Sunday, April 24, 11:34:10 PM

surprise ending. famous people included in the cast. superb acting and directing.

Sunday, April 24, 09:35:33 PM

Excellent movie - it's so nice to be able to take grandchildren to a movie that has some meaning to it and no bad language or scenes!

Sunday, April 24, 09:02:04 PM

Very good movie...

Saturday, April 23, 08:25:04 AM

Superstitious drivel.

Thursday, April 21, 04:32:36 PM

Several of the bad reviews were from the same person. Easy to do if you wish to destroy a movies rating. A good movie and worth seeing.

Thursday, April 21, 04:30:38 PM

I am not religious but I enjoy a good movie. For all those who gave it a bad rating because of its reference to religion my question is why would you see a movie that you know you would not like by its title? and did you actually see the movie or just decided to bad rate it?

Wednesday, April 20, 01:39:25 AM

Excellent movie.

Saturday, April 16, 05:58:24 PM

Sickening dreck, keep all biased belief in fantastical sky fairies out of the classroom, now and forever. God nonsense has caused far more problems that it has ever solved and it is based on pure speculation and fantasy.

Monday, April 11, 10:38:31 PM

I found this moving quite real in what is happening around the world. The movie had its cheesy bits, but finished strong with excellent acting throughout. I will say, in reality it is a 4 star movie, but I rate it a five to balance the vicious haters that haven't seen it and give it a one.

Sunday, April 10, 07:34:52 PM

Powerful! Truth! Well done...loved it!

Saturday, April 9, 01:15:12 AM

Excellent movie, historically accurate, it's time for us as Christians to stand up for Christ, all Praise and Honor go to Him.

Friday, April 8, 02:21:17 PM

Excellent demonstration of strong faith and Christian values and a great witness to our current world so full of problems and Godlessness

Thursday, April 7, 11:18:57 AM

I thought the performances were strong and delivered the desired message clearly.

Thursday, April 7, 03:11:06 AM

This movie is definitely better then the first one! Good job guys on all the work putting this movie together!! May it stir and wake up all cold Christians across the world!

Thursday, April 7, 02:53:53 AM


Wednesday, April 6, 09:19:22 PM

This movie is right on and EVERYONE, both Christians and non-Christians, will one day see its truth fulfilled. I hope everyone will be with me in heaven one day, a great choice considering the options. Think about it!

Wednesday, April 6, 03:45:27 PM

Awesome movie!

Tuesday, April 5, 06:59:02 PM

Excellent movie with a message!

Tuesday, April 5, 05:47:29 PM

It was a great movie.

Tuesday, April 5, 02:25:27 PM

This is one GOOD movie whether you are a believer or not! Gets one thinking!!

Tuesday, April 5, 11:22:56 AM

For those who think it's propoganda, I feel for you. It's sad that you allow the culture and media and even life itself influence such a cold review.

Tuesday, April 5, 11:14:27 AM

Great movie for those who believe, and even greater for those who don't believe. Open up your heart, see where that leads. It may surprise you.

Monday, April 4, 03:52:55 PM

Great movie that hits the nail on the head of what is happening in our nation today. If you didn't like the movie, so be it. Some of the hateful 1 star comments are all too obvious, not all, that they didn't bother to go see it but feel a need to attack and make the movies point. We'll keep Praying for those who have so much anger but rated without seeing the movie.

Monday, April 4, 06:34:53 AM

I'm not religious, but atheists need to shut up and let people believe what they want to believe. It is not your job to try and turn those that believe in God. Having said this, the religious lot need to equally shut up and stop trying to expand their cult. It's a movie, and it was OK.

Sunday, April 3, 10:48:42 PM

I thought that this movie was great! Oh yes I am a Christian, and PROUD to be, but what amazes me are all the critics who put the movie down, Atheist presumably who'eve never read the bible from cover to cover, if you have and still don't find truth you're blind. Try reading it again, maybe New International version, (easier to understand than King James version,) and actually pray to God for His help to help you understand it. May GOD bless you & your search!!!

Sunday, April 3, 06:20:38 PM

Fantastic Movie! Don't miss it!! Faith building/renewing.

Sunday, April 3, 12:30:58 PM


Sunday, April 3, 12:42:18 AM

Purely propaganda made for people who already agree with the movie's message. I wish this movie were an April Fools joke. This appeal to emotion makes no good arguments, and simply shouts "But muh faith!" Classic christian persecution complex at its finest.

Saturday, April 2, 08:52:23 PM

Talking Snake, Adam and Eve, Noah's arc with millions of Animals including baby dines, dude walking on water,rising from dead.....Makes lot more sense to some people.

Saturday, April 2, 08:48:57 PM

Just same old nonsense

Saturday, April 2, 08:09:00 PM


Saturday, April 2, 05:49:35 PM

Absolutely Everything!!! Need to tell everyone to not leave until all the credits are over!!!

Saturday, April 2, 05:40:20 PM

Standing for what you believe!

Saturday, April 2, 04:43:53 PM

Interesting that there are three promoted Christian movies on this site. All with high ratings. For Christians I'm sure it is good to see films promoting their faith. For the rest of us this is nothing but propaganda.

Saturday, April 2, 11:56:16 AM

This movie was propaganda, and not of the well-done variety. Non-believers are shown as-stereotyped by Baptist congregations, 'Atheist-Blackface' comes to mind. The plot is an exaggeration of reality to the point that it doesnt apply to the US (maybe in Saudi Arabia), and the legal proceedings are an abortion of any form of Judiciary. At least Star Wars admits its a Fantasy...

Saturday, April 2, 12:09:00 AM

I'm not a particularly religious person, but I found this to be an excellent movie. There wasn't any judging of anyone in this movie. It was just about someone sticking up for their convictions when the liberals wanted to stamp out that right and the extreme some will go to to fabricate a lie out of what was actually nothing but a comparative response in a classroom. Highly recommend.