Monday, May 22, 02:46:46 PM

It was good lighthearted movie. Great to see these guys acting together.

Saturday, May 20, 10:28:33 AM

A real feel good movie. Well done.

Saturday, May 20, 09:31:08 AM


Saturday, May 13, 12:28:29 PM

Super funNY loved it

Tuesday, May 9, 05:21:03 PM

Crude and stupid- wasted talent

Saturday, May 6, 10:39:04 PM

Nice movie. Old people may relate to the difficulties of affording life. The issues are addressed without getting preachy. Only flaw was in trying to get a little kid to i.d. the bank robbers, mixing a little kid into it isnt so hot. Other than that, a cute light comedy.

Friday, May 5, 09:03:22 AM

Great feelgood movie from start to finish! These 3 guys compliment each other very well.

Thursday, May 4, 03:41:52 PM

Funny movie I love these guys. God Bless them.

Wednesday, May 3, 05:54:29 PM

So hilarious!!! Feel good movie - watch it now!

Monday, May 1, 09:33:32 PM

Loved This Movie. Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Allan Arkin were very good all together in this and looked like they had a lot of fun doing it. It was fun and good little fun music in it too.

Sunday, April 30, 06:32:07 PM

Loved it.

Friday, April 28, 07:54:05 PM

so-so...nothing special

Monday, April 24, 06:05:28 PM


Sunday, April 23, 07:59:40 PM

Loved it!! Great cast...great feel good movie

Sunday, April 23, 07:38:05 AM

Really cute movie! Exceeded expectations. So many of the movies featuring older actors are a dud -- not this one!

Friday, April 21, 11:53:20 PM


Friday, April 21, 09:43:34 PM

I loved it I highly recommended it

Wednesday, April 19, 12:16:43 PM

Funny but the cocaine part was not so good.

Tuesday, April 18, 08:48:37 PM

I loved this movie. Might even consider buying the DVD when it comes out.

Tuesday, April 18, 06:22:22 PM

Great feel good movie, great laughs and drama too. My husband and I really enjoyed this movie!

Monday, April 17, 06:55:22 AM

Loved it,would see again when it comes out on DVD

Monday, April 17, 06:53:26 AM

Terrific movie...lots of fun

Monday, April 17, 12:37:15 AM

Funny movie but they should not stereotype people with the cocaine incident in the store.

Sunday, April 16, 06:56:01 PM

The actors in this movie truly have great style. They were able to show the unfair actions of corporations towards hard working people with humour and compassion . A good movie.

Sunday, April 16, 12:59:20 PM

Likeable characters, fun movie!

Sunday, April 16, 02:01:44 AM

well done. star chemistry is big here.

Saturday, April 15, 09:19:55 PM

I really liked the movie as I know many hard working people have been robbed of what they were promised during retirement. I wish Enron and all scum like them would have been locked up. The banks and many in the gov't and those who handle retirement funds don't think twice about stealing and lying to people to line their own pockets.

Saturday, April 15, 03:12:30 AM

Totally AWESOME movie!! I'd love a sequel!! 😍

Friday, April 14, 11:52:59 PM

Quite an unusual movie; unusual in the fact that my wife and I really enjoyed it and left the theatre entertained and in a good mood. We are retired, see one movie a week and usually leave disappointed; kudos to the cast and crew and for once....a thankyou.

Friday, April 14, 11:25:54 PM

Wow, I can identify with the main characters as human beings....aged, and been thru the system; put their time in responsibly and lost. Aaah, revenge is sweet, with a super sweet little Asian girl at the end. Some funny characters in the background; security guards, old companions and Ann Margaret. Great creations of the three main guys by Arkin, Freeman and Cain; I can say I really enjoyed this flick and its ending.

Friday, April 14, 03:29:33 PM

Great story. Great cast. Good clean fun,,

Thursday, April 13, 10:14:08 PM

Loved this movie! Great comedy!

Thursday, April 13, 05:45:37 PM

Loved this movie ! Funny and great actors

Thursday, April 13, 04:32:54 PM


Thursday, April 13, 01:05:06 PM

really enjoyed this movie a great comedy that I laughed all through it. Its truly a enjoyable movie to see. You wont regret seeing it I loved it !

Wednesday, April 12, 05:57:24 PM

Funny movie, I really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, April 12, 08:26:39 AM

This was the best movie in a while lots of fun it is a great movie to go and see if you are stressed out. Lovely acting by the 3 retired men and the ending was so touching by the little girl very cute.

Tuesday, April 11, 08:59:42 PM

Finally, after wasting so much time and $money on movie crapola I find one I really enjoyed. No political correctness, transgenders, super phony Tom Cruise heroics et al; a movie I could actually follow that had a plot and ending that were uplifting and funny. Great characters, personality and likeability in all three actors as well as some really funny supporting actors in the form of friends, security cops and other old pensioners. . I usually leave the theatre perplexed.....but not today. Worth your$$$$.

Tuesday, April 11, 05:52:10 PM

Light enjoyable relaxing movie with a few laughs.

Tuesday, April 11, 05:41:26 PM

This was so funny and really enjoyable