Tuesday, December 18, 05:52:55 PM

This was an excellent movie. Wish there were more films by this caliber.

Tuesday, December 18, 04:30:50 PM

Absolutely smart, talented and brilliant. Loved it.

Friday, December 14, 01:10:15 PM

excellent true story and great acting

Thursday, December 13, 10:30:54 AM

Drama not too intense, funny, fast moving, based on true story. Acting is superb. Best Picture of the Year!

Wednesday, December 12, 08:24:30 PM

Best movie of the year. I loved it.

Monday, December 10, 09:18:25 PM

This is THE BEST MOVIE that I have seen in a long time. I actually left the theater feeling so good and as a result of this film, having a renewed faith in humanity. Both men benefitted from their relationship by learning to appreciate their diverse points of view. How refreshing in this era of divisiveness to see how people can change for the better by listening to and learning from each other. The film and the actors deserve Academy Awards for their efforts.

Monday, December 10, 02:55:55 PM

True story and one of the best movies I've seen this year. No, actually THE best; and I have broad tastes and watch a lot of movies. Makes you laugh, cry, and angry, and happy. When I saw this there was a brief pause as the credits began to roll, and then the audience began to applaud. I was one of them.

Sunday, December 9, 11:58:36 PM

Excellent. In the sea of garbage that pases for cinema today this story based on a true story is a very human story, with a historical perspective as well. Not often do you see two male characters from different socioeconomic cultures come to develop an understanding and friendship for each other. Very NYC in a way. . You do not have to be the same anything to be friends, something that has been forgotten.today. Some of the viewers call this movie slow moving or preachy? I found it filled with difficulties, humor & humaneness of the human experience.....not to mention gorgeous retro cars.....and excellent actors.

Sunday, December 9, 02:38:13 PM

Great story. Movie was slow for a reason.

Saturday, December 8, 11:59:44 AM

It's not often one can see a movie that depicts the past racial attitudes and behaviors of our history with such accuracy and class. We have come a long way and we should be proud. The acting was great and I'm sure Oscars will be awarded.

Saturday, December 8, 02:44:40 AM

Best Movie of The Year!!!

Friday, December 7, 07:35:24 PM

Best movie I’ve seen this year.

Friday, December 7, 07:21:34 PM

Wonderful movie. The story is based on true events. The person who gave it one star apparently didn't stay and watch the credits.

Friday, December 7, 10:43:45 AM

One of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. Inspirational, moving, thought provoking and thank God, induced with a lot of humor. I highly recommend this one!

Friday, December 7, 10:26:52 AM

The relationship which develops between the two major characters is touching. Difficult to stomach the injustices weighed against people of colour even though it's set in 1962. Unfortunately, we haven't learned from those mistakes. Well worth seeing.

Wednesday, December 5, 04:42:55 PM

Very touching to watch how the two main characters become friends over the time spent on the road!

Wednesday, December 5, 12:37:28 AM

A must see for everyone!! . Superb role modeling of courageous confrontation of systemic racism and homophobia as well as the accompanying and necessary alliance building.

Tuesday, December 4, 10:07:06 AM

This is a must see movie! My husband& I both enjoyed it very much! This deserves to be nominated for Best Picture at Awards time!

Monday, December 3, 06:56:37 PM

This movie shows how accomplished AFRO AMERICANS are during and after segregation

Monday, December 3, 07:04:05 AM

Great movie, good acting, a feel good movie.

Sunday, December 2, 09:13:18 AM

This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Viggo Mortenson certainly should be nominated at the least for his portrayal. My fiancé and I both felt it kept us totally engrossed in the story for the duration.

Saturday, December 1, 03:11:15 PM

Wonderful, character-driven road trip to Hell and back with two people who experience America through different lenses.

Saturday, December 1, 02:10:24 AM

What a beautiful story about the subtleties of human connection and empathy!

Friday, November 30, 08:04:11 PM

Totally wonderful!,,, a must see !,, I loved this movie!,,

Friday, November 30, 07:48:55 PM

I laughed, I cried, I rolled my eyes...! Driving Miss Daisy meets Goodfellas. Viggo Mortensen nails an unexpected and different sloppy, goomba B.S. artist kind of role for him. And Mahershala Ali is a perfect counterpoint with his dignity, brilliance, loneliness, and bravery. The relationship (based on a true story) between the two is a touching new kind of buddy movie.

Friday, November 30, 03:45:05 PM

A lovely movie, wonderful acting. Don’t miss it.

Friday, November 30, 12:40:24 PM

Great Award winning movie! Ten times better than Creed II, now that's a real sleeper!

Thursday, November 29, 03:34:35 PM

Great piece of Americana. Vary well acted, directed and produced, and flowed nicely throughout. To me it also emphasized the necessity of physically equipped citizens to step up and counter/protect our civil rights and basic human values from hate and violent attacks on our citizens, as in this case where a fellow Italian American is protecting a fellow African American citizen in the 60's deep south. However this aspect of the picture did not dominate the humor, compassion and remarkable true story. Another great day at the movies!

Wednesday, November 28, 03:56:55 PM

What a terrific true story of racism in our country in the 60's and how it can be overcome by getting to know the person for who they are not the color of their skin. So well acted by both main characters, academy award nomination worthy. Funny and poignant.

Wednesday, November 28, 11:07:36 AM

This is a Must see movie.

Wednesday, November 28, 10:56:02 AM

Enjoyed this movie very much.

Tuesday, November 27, 10:21:34 PM

Go and see this! You won't be disappointed

Monday, November 26, 06:59:19 PM

a must see movie for all - lots of laughs and lots of hard times in the 60's

Monday, November 26, 06:13:14 PM

I heard someone say this movie is a caricature of a good story. Yep, that's about right.

Monday, November 26, 06:10:58 PM

Viggo has fallen a long way since LOTR. The story is a fabrication, and not a true story. It's just another variation of the road trip diaries with two people who are supposed to be opposites. Harry met Sally, Thelma and Louise, Driving Miss Daisy, and now Green Book. Preachy, and condescending. Avoid like the plague.

Monday, November 26, 05:24:59 AM

Best of the best

Sunday, November 25, 09:19:42 AM


Saturday, November 24, 09:35:37 PM

One of the best movies I've ever seen and I see 1 to 2 movies a week. Very touching, great relationship that builds between the two main characters. Hope I'm not sounding like a film reviewer, I'm just an average guy.

Saturday, November 24, 06:48:34 PM

This was a fabulous movie. The story was excellent and the acting superb. There was a lot of humour throughout the movie which allowed the audience to see all aspects of each character!

Friday, November 23, 08:54:25 PM

Driving miss Daisy but with wiseguys . I loved it !!! Seriously though it was a fantastic film , the best I've seen this year .