Saturday, November 28, 12:20:02 AM

I loved that concept where the gremlins taking over in New York and there are mutant gremlins like veggie gremlin, spider gremlin, bat gremlin, a girl gremlin and a talking glasses brain gremlin. "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" happens to be my top favorite movie!

Wednesday, October 14, 09:13:22 PM

The gremlins and mogwais in "Gremlins 2" had the most better qualities of their characteristics. The idea of the gremlins terrorizing in New York was the trip and a blast.

Wednesday, October 14, 09:08:09 PM

Rick Baker's mogwai and gremlin designs are highly realistic and the 'Gremlins 2' music soundtracks are greatly better and much more action.

Monday, October 24, 11:03:05 PM

Better than the original film it sends up. A live-action equivalent of a Warner bros. cartoon. Don't miss this hilarious movie!