Monday, May 11, 12:39:54 PM

Negative infinity. Child abuse and cannibalism

Monday, May 11, 02:17:04 AM

Guess if you're sloshed you'd love this movie. Gretel and Hansel. GEES.. "new"stories! Just change the name around. Jill and Jack. Jane and Dick. Dumber and Dumb. Cheers ;)

Sunday, April 26, 12:35:43 AM

Absolutely LOVED this film. If you have an IQ higher than 0.5 and appreciate beautifully shot perfectly-slow-burning arthouse films with very grim/dark matter, you should love this too. Give it a go. My ONLY complaint (minor) is that I felt the film would have been better had it not strayed completely in it's own plot direction near the end (aka. should have just followed the well-known fairy tale storyline) -- would have been extremely strong had they just kept going in that direction. But anyway, it was still a GREAT watch and I highly recommend this. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 10:55:25 AM

Can’t give it a 0, omg what were they thinking making this, nothing good about it,

Monday, February 24, 11:41:09 PM

nothing made sense! My 26 year old daughter and I love to watch horror movies together. The only thing I liked about this movie was my daughters company.

Sunday, February 16, 08:18:47 PM

uh no we left after 40 min

Thursday, February 13, 11:52:43 PM

Wonderful folklore references, haunting imagery, excellent acting!

Saturday, February 8, 09:09:31 AM

Stupid movie. Three of us came out of it saying, "Huh!, what was that about"?

Friday, February 7, 09:35:07 PM


Friday, February 7, 03:31:21 PM

Just dumb. Very disappointed. Didn’t like the pentagram symbols in it and that type of evilness.

Thursday, February 6, 10:05:10 PM

what a piece of trash

Wednesday, February 5, 09:39:03 AM

The whole movie was terrible. Too dark ! Way to loud !!! Couldn't understand what was going on. Not worth seeing ! No wonder, I didn't see a review before we went, it would have said don't go !! One star because I had to enter something, otherwise NO STARS !

Tuesday, February 4, 09:11:47 PM

Worst movie I ever saw. They should pay us to watch it. Never should have made the theatre. Don't waste your time.

Sunday, February 2, 01:12:28 PM

What did I just watch?

Sunday, February 2, 11:18:22 AM

what a stupidly made sorry movie

Saturday, February 1, 05:41:38 PM

Save yourself don’t go

Saturday, February 1, 08:48:54 AM

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Friday, January 31, 10:05:03 PM

Not very good! i thought it would be better than what it was! Not scary and was slow

Friday, January 31, 05:26:36 PM

Dull, boring, stay home and take the nap, its cheaper.

Friday, January 31, 12:18:36 PM

Another film made 25 years out of date. Films like this were cutting edge 25 years ago with the rapid cuts and use of CGI effects ect but they are so predictable now one is left sighing 'Please not again'. This film might be entertaining to a younger audience but anyone over 17 is likely to be let down. It is doubly disappointing to have been waiting for a year now for such a film to be disappointed like this. Save your money or go see something less likely to disappoint like Jo Jo Rabbit or 1917.

Friday, January 31, 03:54:48 AM

What was this movie trying to say???

Thursday, January 30, 09:40:59 PM


Thursday, January 30, 06:55:13 PM

The budget on this movie must have been like $1.50!

Thursday, January 30, 03:18:37 AM

Saw the ending coming a mile away. 1/5

Wednesday, January 29, 07:13:48 PM