Saturday, May 6, 10:39:37 AM

Very disappointing. They tried to tell everyone's story and failed. They tried to bring in a son and dad story that was so outlandish and stupid, it failed. Even worse was the back story to Quill, his dad and his father (yes there's a difference) and it just kept dragging on and on and on and on... I felt like yelling "Get on with it !!" Most of the comic relief came from Draxx and Rocket, and that failed. Believe it or not, they even managed to under use and screw up baby Groot. The 3d was hard to follow and there was a common grumbling about it. This movie was messed up...

Saturday, May 6, 12:15:17 AM

Are you people serious. 4 stars The 1st was pure genius. Saw it 20 times. The best songs the best dialogue the action. What happened? Right from the beginning stupid scenes even more stupid was all these lousy songs. The verbal banter was pure dribble. Like Men In Black, the first was beyond compare then its all downhill from then. My advise wait for it on Netflix.

Friday, May 5, 02:52:09 PM

Awesome light fun - highly recommend!

Thursday, May 4, 03:24:09 PM

Was fortunate to be invited to an early screening of the movie. We loved it! It was humorous, action packed and very entertaining. The music was great and Groot was so well done - demonstrating the behaviour of an adorable, young child.

Tuesday, May 2, 02:45:28 PM

Saw an advanced screening and loved it!

Saturday, April 29, 09:13:41 PM

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is a fun Sequel, saving the Galaxy Again with the Original Cast!! BABY GROOT RULES!! I AM GROOT!! Go see this movie in Theaters