Wednesday, August 19, 02:07:10 PM

Zac Efron gives the worst performance in a musical since Michael Jackson in The Wiz. Insufferable!

Tuesday, June 22, 04:18:46 PM

it's better than high school musical #1-3

Saturday, March 7, 01:20:06 PM

I love this movie because there is a lot of my favorite actors.

Saturday, February 21, 01:58:18 PM

Gud Movie but a little on the wierd side...LOL

Saturday, November 1, 10:23:22 AM

Zac Efron makes this tired remake work.

Friday, October 31, 04:24:19 AM

i love the songs , and specially the dance.. and all the stars also have gud voice

Sunday, October 19, 12:01:07 AM

Simply put, the BEST movie ever made!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 05:00:13 PM

I love this movie.

Sunday, June 22, 03:29:36 PM

This movie is awesome, I love the fact that it had a history lesson in it.

Thursday, May 29, 08:17:58 PM

iluv the movie its great i watched it about 50 times(literally.)I think you should make a 2nd one.It's a classic,commical,musical that every 14 year old girl like me what if the original hairspray was made in 88 a 2nd one would be great espicially if its directed by you.I wrote down an idea for a 2nd hairspray and showed to at least 200 people @ my school and wrote down all the names of people who liked it just about 150 did if you like i could send it in another comment.

Saturday, March 15, 11:47:20 PM

this movie is the best i mean i am 14 and it has inspired me to go and do what i love

Tuesday, March 11, 11:18:49 AM


Tuesday, March 11, 11:09:36 AM

its foll of cut boys and it hase lots of pepol from hig school mosicol yoll love it.

Monday, February 25, 03:42:10 PM

great remake of the classic. Trly loved it. and nicky blonksy did a good job in her role. SHe has a bright future!:>efron as usual thinkin hes so hot and showing off. others did a great job. and 100% braap braap to john travolta. lmao he was awesome. i laughed wenever he showed up in a scene

Monday, February 18, 06:44:13 PM


Monday, February 18, 09:39:56 AM

i loved hairspray!!! i love niikki, queen latifa, and james marsden!!! i hope that james and nikki are in many more movies, i know queen latifa will

Tuesday, January 1, 12:26:53 AM

great movie - love the songs expessily "ladies choice" (done by Efron) and "without love" done by (Efron, nicki, Bynes, and kelly)

Saturday, December 15, 09:34:20 PM

A highly entertaining movie with great songs and well-choreographed dance numbers.

Tuesday, November 27, 05:16:57 PM

its very singable and i like to sing

Tuesday, November 27, 10:28:18 AM

Wonderful it makes you want to sing and dance

Sunday, November 25, 01:03:59 PM

WORST MOVIE EVER there was singing in the begining to the end BORING

Saturday, November 24, 12:54:09 PM

I do not understand all people raving for this movie. I went to rent the DVD just because everyone seemed to be so excited it. I personally found it very boring and lame. I can give two stars just because not bad actors were playing in the movie and song were not too bad. Jusy an empty Hollywood flick.

Thursday, November 15, 05:16:50 PM

i love it it is so cool

Sunday, November 11, 01:58:38 PM

Hairspray is such a good movie, I saw it three times in thearters, in like 2 weeks, the fisrt time I saw it I had to sit in like the second row of the thearter because it was sooo full. ZAC EFRON is SOOOOOO hot in this movie.

Wednesday, November 7, 12:09:10 PM

I loved this movie it was the best. It was one of my favorites. I think that zac is a hot!!!! Name. I love him so much. I can not wait till HSM3.

Wednesday, November 7, 12:06:19 PM

I loved this movie it was the best. It was one of my favorites

Friday, November 2, 05:43:03 PM

Hurrah for Musicals! Cute storyline, and catchy songs. Not the best, but it was entertaining.

Tuesday, October 30, 06:01:27 AM

not the sort of movie i would normally be interested in. Wow, was i surprised. Great cast, great editing. Dealt with issues from the 60's in a humorous way. Buy the DVD.

Friday, October 26, 12:53:11 PM

it was a brilliant movie, and i can't wait for it to come out on dvd!

Wednesday, October 17, 06:53:05 PM


Friday, October 12, 01:39:28 PM

Wonderful movie although John Travlota in drag was kinda creepy :)

Tuesday, October 2, 11:34:26 PM

the best movie i have ever seen in ages!! id see it over and over again. its so worth it. i love you link!!

Sunday, September 30, 08:28:00 AM

the best film ever I LOVED IT

Sunday, September 30, 01:59:38 AM

If you love musical you'll love this movie. It moves you in ever possible way. you'll laugh, cry, dance, sing. A must see.

Wednesday, September 26, 09:38:56 PM


Sunday, September 23, 02:39:24 PM

the best movie ever you have to see it if you havnt. and if you have seen it go see it again

Saturday, September 22, 08:44:59 PM

Movie was over-rated - slow in places. I think Travolta over-stretched himself. Would wait for the DVD to come out.

Saturday, September 22, 06:05:15 PM

this movies was absoulutly amazing, even better than the first one!! I bought the soundtrack the night I watched it and am waiting for it on DVD. It deals with key issues from the time frame in a fun loving and open way. I recomend it to everyone and anyone.

Monday, September 17, 02:07:18 PM

Hairspray is cool. I NEVER hear zac saying the"A" word.

Sunday, September 16, 12:36:00 PM

This movie is like another High School Musical! It's one of the best movies ever! But... It doesn't beat the second Cardcaptors movie!