Thursday, October 22, 02:23:34 PM

This was classic horror it came out the year I graduated from high school 78 and was I believe the start of the teen slasher movies that became so prevalent later. Jamie Lee Curtis the original scream Queen was great, Donald Pleasance as Michael Myers shrink was perfect for the roll and who can’t forget the eerie musical score and that piano riff, all ads up to fun fright fun ! The ending was 😳 🥺👍🏼

Thursday, October 31, 08:14:08 PM

I love all of this movie and own it.

Wednesday, December 28, 11:02:49 AM

The immortal classic.

Tuesday, August 12, 02:10:34 AM

cool movie worth watching!

Sunday, July 20, 05:38:00 PM


Tuesday, November 27, 06:27:17 PM

a good movie really scary