Monday, October 18, 06:41:02 PM

Ridiculous movie. Waaay too stupid.

Monday, October 18, 05:17:47 PM

2000's kid here hasn't seen the original, but I love the gore and drama!

Monday, October 18, 03:44:24 PM

The movie started to veer into the supernatural toward the end of the movie. When the Halloween movies start to do that, you're in for some dumb sequels.

Monday, October 18, 09:14:35 AM

I like how it picked up from where the previous one left off and the gore was good, just need better acting

Sunday, October 17, 07:30:15 PM

The acting was horrible. Glad I was a 80’s baby. We had the best horror movies!

Sunday, October 17, 05:17:29 PM

Ridiculous movie. Michael's so old that I was waiting for someone to pull off his mask revealing the actor from Dear Evan Hansen. This horse was beaten to death decades ago.

Sunday, October 17, 04:40:29 PM

Superhuman geriatrics with knives. Stupidest thing ever. Old man Jamie Lee was scarier.

Sunday, October 17, 12:44:58 PM

I can't understand the low ratings on here

Sunday, October 17, 12:44:22 PM

it has almost identical reviews on rotten tomatoes to the original 80's sequel (2) so go in expecting some slasher fun!!

Sunday, October 17, 12:43:40 PM

honestly, way better than the sequels after 2

Sunday, October 17, 12:43:09 PM

David Gordon Green doing my man michael justice!!

Sunday, October 17, 12:42:38 PM

just go in and have some fun!

Saturday, October 16, 10:08:35 PM

Essence of evil .

Saturday, October 16, 10:06:14 PM

Awesome follow up movie , can't wait for the final one .

Saturday, October 16, 08:11:23 AM

Even worse than the last one and twice as boring.

Saturday, October 16, 07:38:55 AM

I'd give it less than one star but because I went to see it - that counts for the one star. I left half way thru the movie -beyond comical, beyond ridiculous, DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY seeing this pathetic excuse for a move.

Friday, October 15, 04:15:07 AM

It's all been done, over and over and over. This stopped being scary several lifetimes ago. When did JLC become a man?????

Monday, October 11, 08:08:46 AM

i thought it was the 15

Thursday, October 7, 10:14:00 AM


Sunday, October 3, 02:51:06 AM

The music the story the kills was great

Thursday, July 1, 12:12:50 AM

Laurie Strode yells at clouds while a senile Michael Myers wields an empty Geritol bottle that he thinks is a knife.

Monday, April 19, 03:05:18 AM

There's a new HALLOWEEN movie coming in October and rumour has it Michael Myers will be getting married. It would certainly be different and give added dimension to the character.