Friday, November 30, 06:29:36 AM

Ineffective scares, lousy plot, bad acting, self-conscious direction. There is no motivation for Hollywood to produce anything of quality when audiences flock to drivel like this.

Monday, November 26, 04:34:14 PM

I don't know what movie these people below me saw, but this installment of Halloween was amazing. In the same vein as the original. The scares hinged on tension, not bloodbath.

Sunday, November 25, 05:13:25 AM

This really has been a terrible year for sequels (Deadpool 2, Creed II, and now Halloween). I'd give this a zero if I could.

Friday, November 23, 06:33:58 PM

The acting and feeling from the characters are marvelous and the action scenes are well done

Monday, November 19, 01:29:19 PM

the movie is great....

Saturday, November 17, 01:36:44 PM

I love the Halloween movies but this one was crap.

Saturday, November 17, 10:39:14 AM


Friday, November 16, 05:28:59 PM

I and my family loved this movie! If you enjoy the Halloween movie series you will love this.

Thursday, November 15, 03:26:57 PM

A horror film that does not properly exploit fear, but was created by it. Studios are afraid of risk and red balance sheets, so this is the latest regurgitated crap that is being fed to moviegoers. Jamie Lee once again returns to piss all over the legacy of John Carpenter - the man who gave Jamie her big career break - because she is deathly afraid of career obscurity. The Shape (Michael Myers) returns and really wants to try and kill Jamie Lee again. He could just wait a little while for Father Time to do the job, but I guess he really wants to cut off her penis and doesn't want to wait. Too familiar to be effective at all. Nostalgia isn't scary.

Wednesday, November 14, 06:53:08 PM

Slow at first but after Michael Myers escape the movie is a good time

Thursday, November 8, 07:32:50 PM

Not a good movie, too slow and boring. Weak story and poor script.

Thursday, November 8, 01:49:32 PM

Loved it!

Wednesday, November 7, 08:16:52 AM

Dissappointed, time to put Michael Myers to rest.

Sunday, November 4, 04:44:42 PM


Saturday, November 3, 05:10:03 AM

Fortunately it leaves things open for a sequel.

Saturday, November 3, 12:03:05 AM

It was a good movie

Friday, November 2, 11:36:57 AM

If you're a misogynist this is the movie for you.

Friday, November 2, 10:58:46 AM

Typical misogynist patriarchal garbage.

Friday, November 2, 09:29:07 AM

Was anyone really surprised when the Myers kid was revealed as the killer?

Thursday, November 1, 11:22:36 PM

Brutal.... Me gustó mucho

Thursday, November 1, 10:42:57 PM

I was tricked into seeing this, and it was no treat.

Thursday, November 1, 03:26:12 PM

This was a worthy sequel to the original. I didn't know it but I guess that it is supposed to be a direct sequel to the classic Halloween.

Thursday, November 1, 02:53:17 AM

A good Halloween film! For horror fans! I didn't like it better than the original Halloween or Halloween 2 witch I usually watch together.

Tuesday, October 30, 12:51:25 AM

Too many movies, too much familiarity. This material had the life beat out of it long ago. Franchises are bad for horror.

Monday, October 29, 11:25:43 PM

Less scary than your average episode of Scooby-Doo.

Monday, October 29, 10:02:43 PM

Re-fried mould. It stinks.

Monday, October 29, 03:20:13 PM

No true actor would submit to engage in such trash.

Monday, October 29, 02:56:10 PM

The best Halloween movie the theater first time since remodel very cool

Monday, October 29, 11:09:19 AM

Intense all the way through, chilling performances. Well done.

Sunday, October 28, 01:50:51 PM

It's so bad.

Sunday, October 28, 12:14:01 PM

Good movie. Much better than the last few.

Saturday, October 27, 05:16:16 PM

Awesome. best Halloween movie of all

Friday, October 26, 10:31:31 AM

This was probably the worst Halloween movie I’ve ever seen.

Thursday, October 25, 08:27:56 PM

One of the best of this year

Wednesday, October 24, 09:51:57 PM

These Halloween movies are getting old. Sam old same oh.

Wednesday, October 24, 06:15:06 PM

Great movie. Best holloween movie ever !

Wednesday, October 24, 01:15:28 AM

stunk up the joint with this,..but there are hot chicks

Tuesday, October 23, 06:43:36 PM

It blew. Watch "Witches Night Out" instead.

Tuesday, October 23, 02:31:31 PM

Loved it!!!!!! Not a perfect movie (but what movie is??) I always go by the feeling you get and this one has that Halloween/ John Carpenter vibe and sound!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 02:29:29 PM

Liked it a lot, paid homage to the original, excellent attention to detail by David Gorden Green and Danny McBride. Stellar performance by Jamie Leigh Curtis and James Jude Courtney. Not without its flaws, but I have a feeling that they were forced to edit a bit too much....