Tuesday, February 23, 10:02:29 AM


Sunday, July 12, 10:46:06 AM

Dont bother. Contrived to the nth degree. As if visions from God ever other day, as if anyone spoke jive/ebonics 150 years ago. Mumbled, incoherent bunch of garbage.

Friday, January 31, 05:25:13 AM

Edge of the seat thriller! Loved the emotions.

Sunday, January 5, 09:38:17 AM

What a great story. Ut keeps you interested the whole way tyhrough

Sunday, December 29, 02:57:03 PM

The plot was clear. The actors were all excellent. the character of Harriet was played with authenticity. Her courage was amazing in all that she did to bring freedom to slaves.

Thursday, December 26, 04:39:20 PM

Story is based on the true Israelites who were stolen from their land Africa and taken to an unknown land to serve as slave's for 400 years. This was prophetized for the seed of Abraham.

Friday, December 20, 06:41:51 PM

Excellent acting by all involved, in particular, the lead. Well worth the time. It's history we cannot forget.

Saturday, December 14, 08:33:17 AM

Very informative. Great movie! I would see it again and purchase on DVD! Educational. No hanging people like other trashy movies!

Friday, December 6, 09:37:39 PM

I liked the fact that you got a chance to see the Harriet's true assignment to help the salves go free, at any cost, she was driven to help. I loved and appreciated this movie depicting the history of our peoples struggles.

Thursday, December 5, 09:11:35 AM

Loved this movie! It was moving, inspiring, and the music was soul touching!

Sunday, December 1, 09:20:52 AM

This is an excellent movie that gives hope, courage, love, dedicated, and commitment. Harriett was a trailblazing visionary, with a devotion that was focused on change. It is true that FEAR is crippling and an enemy. I have seen the movie multiple times.

Monday, November 25, 02:36:48 PM

Poor depiction of African American History! Highly Disappointed.

Sunday, November 24, 05:34:47 AM


Saturday, November 23, 12:50:55 PM

The movie was great. I was born in 1937. My great-grand mother was 7 when slavery was over . I remember her as a child. The remnants of slavery was still very evident in childhood; therefore, I easily identified with the narrative. It is time for the stories of slavery, discrimination, and hatred to end . Hopefully, movies will help to continue to tell the stories of The African American plight in America. Well done .

Friday, November 22, 07:40:04 PM

Ok i LOVE Underground Railroad and slavery movie/documentary’s because that time period fascinated me. I delve in head first. If you’re looking for a mediocre movie. This is ok. If you’re looking for an accurate portrayal of tubman?This is not it. Ok i LOVE Underground Railroad and slavery movies because that time period fascinated me. Although Tubman was known to have a vision or two this movie had her looking like Sylvia brown with a vision every other scene. She was inaccurately described as arrogant, blatantly outspoken, loud and most times very indignant. Annoying and beyond false. Even the language of the slaves was inaccurate where some parts had Ebonics and left me rollin my eyes. I think this movie was made by someone who portrayed her/them as THEY thought she/them should have been, but it’s sadly VERY inaccurate. The other falsehood was that she left her husband to be free. Her husband CHOSE not to go with her and he chose to remarry when she left. Another example of someone changing the facts. The movie didn’t pull you in as hoped and although i was looking for a good drama i Got a mediocre “oh whaaaaatever!” Movie with everyone corner turned.

Friday, November 22, 09:40:20 AM

The sets were very authentic. The acting was good. It was very moving. Not really authentic with the underground railroad but very good movie

Thursday, November 21, 02:45:16 PM

Honors God, provokes the mind and gives hope to man kind.

Tuesday, November 19, 11:57:27 PM

I I liked it because I'll born in 1958 and I know a lady that old legal Born Into Slavery I plow horses cut sugar cane pick cottn sharecropping when I was a kid .we would go to r the back of the restaurant to get out food

Monday, November 18, 04:46:18 PM

This movie will win Oscars! We agree with all the positive reviews below. It was well done with a talented cast. It should be seen by young people so they know what it means to fight for what is right.

Sunday, November 17, 04:40:41 PM

The minute amount of time of her life was well presented, it offers a crumb of the courage and high regard for humanity,the intolerance for injustice, and wrong doing this woman had. OSCAR, for the actor.

Sunday, November 17, 10:14:03 AM


Saturday, November 16, 10:48:32 PM

inspirational beautifully made movie

Saturday, November 16, 10:20:17 PM

This is a great movie for Millenials to see. It wil give them a basis of what the struggle was for nonwhites.

Saturday, November 16, 09:59:05 PM

Amazing story, very inspirational.

Saturday, November 16, 04:50:59 PM

A great movie about a woman who has been hidden by history. She deserves to be on the $100 bill. Glad to see this history brought to life and memory.

Thursday, November 14, 10:50:42 AM

Although this is a true story the movie does not do it justice. The movie is slow, long an boring... I had such high hopes for it! All my stars are for the fact that this woman's story is so incredible and therefore the movie deserves starts just for trying to communicate it.

Thursday, November 14, 08:30:02 AM

I saw this movie with three other women and all of had trouble understand the dialog. The actors were all mumbling and could not be understood. It was a good movie but I did not like/believe the parts where she got word from God. That was just too unbelievable.

Wednesday, November 13, 11:25:39 PM

For the 2 star reviewer of great insight & wisdom; though not Muslim, I research events & people that influence history. Mohammed was an orphaned illiterate peasant , who, guided by God (Allah), gave inspiring speeches & we now have Islam, nearly 2 billion strong. Some saw him as a threat & planned for his assassination. An extraordinary story of an extraordinary courageous woman who seemed to have been inspired by a higher power to make some very important decisions so as not to get caught by her predators. I see an Oscar contender. rh

Wednesday, November 13, 02:03:45 AM

Excellent. It will make you say right on.

Monday, November 11, 07:59:23 PM

A remarkable film- very inspiring. It's a must see.

Sunday, November 10, 08:27:22 PM

An intelligent movie that really gives you something to think about and be inspired by.....

Saturday, November 9, 08:00:04 PM

Excellent, fantastic; educational, provocative, super powerful, in the face of any challenge one can overcome and triumph. A masterpiece of an act. Extraordinary script, deep seated divinely guided choice of a penning inspired only by the gods. Ms Tubman directed this from above, God chiseled this. Every actor/actress was outstanding, God lived in them and directed their every act, there's know other way to understand how this movie became so divinely put together. Every living soul should see this, every parent should take the kids to see it. Children, focus on the positive things you want to do no matter how challenging, there is light at the end of the tunnel, The Omnipresent will direct and see you through.

Saturday, November 9, 06:32:24 PM

I love this movie and the meaning behind it. It is a phenomenal movie. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Friday, November 8, 08:06:19 PM

great story, but hokey! There were some really dumb dialogues and some really dumb slave life scenes. Harriet's speeches, meant to be inspiring, were unrealistic and way too highbrow for the slave she was supposed to be. With better writers and a good director, this could have been fantastic, but fell short for me.

Thursday, November 7, 11:19:11 PM

True story

Wednesday, November 6, 09:05:03 AM

Amazing what this woman did. Why do we hesitate to put her picture on the $20 dollar bill. This might insure that people investigate as to who this fine woman was. It is sickening to see the treatment white people put on black people and we still have far to go. This is a must see movie and hopefully middle and high schools will show this as a history lesson. Amen

Tuesday, November 5, 08:59:54 PM

This is a story of an American hero that too many Americans have never heard about. Harriet Tubman was a courageous woman who made a difference in the lives of so many. The movie is powerful!

Tuesday, November 5, 06:15:35 PM

Strong acting, very good movie. Oscar contender for sure!

Monday, November 4, 09:34:16 PM

It was a real good movie!! I will love to see it again soon

Monday, November 4, 01:57:22 PM

Very good movie and very good acting!