Thursday, February 3, 05:04:09 PM

it rocked big time!

Monday, April 5, 08:30:12 PM

less talking more action and mystery and scaryness

Saturday, June 20, 05:34:51 PM

The Potter saga comes to a meandering end with this lifeless final chapter.

Sunday, February 1, 11:18:52 AM

well, if you are naive enough to think the movie is good only from the traler, then go watch it! however, if you have a litle sense in you, DONNNNNT! The action showed in the trailer is all in the end! no thrill in the rest of the movie!

Tuesday, September 2, 03:53:48 PM

Just awful; wrap this series up already.

Monday, September 1, 11:43:53 PM

loved it. pure magic!

Tuesday, August 26, 07:02:47 PM

this film was pure eye candy. loved every minute of it :) people who think otherwise simply have never seen the film and just wanna diss it. so anyways, this movie was amazing, be sure to check it out.

Saturday, August 23, 10:59:59 PM

great film, and amazing climax. why are these films so dam good!? lol

Sunday, July 13, 12:49:05 PM

i hated it!! a disgrace to harry potter!! it sucked!!

Friday, July 4, 10:13:18 AM

it wasn't the greatest one,but it wasn't that scary tan the others and good thriller movie.

Tuesday, May 27, 01:30:12 AM

Dull and uninspired adaptation that fails to live up to the charm of the books.

Wednesday, January 30, 05:55:01 PM

cant say it was bad...but i also cant say it was amazing. i think the director did a good job, but the new writer was terrible! thnk god their getting a new writer for the next flick. Overall, it was a good movie, with cheesy lacking parts. 7/10

Sunday, January 20, 08:38:42 AM

not nearly as good as the other films, or the book (which was not the greatest either)

Saturday, January 19, 01:49:36 PM

definitley a dissapointment... it is too unrealistic... im mean a bunch of kids who discover they are MAGIC? c'mon...

Sunday, January 13, 04:00:11 PM

best harry potter movie yet, not much else to say, but, well, see this movie, you won't be disapointed, especially if you are a harry potter fan.

Monday, January 7, 07:46:19 AM

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Wednesday, December 26, 06:25:43 AM

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Monday, December 24, 11:18:40 PM

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Saturday, December 22, 04:10:22 PM

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Saturday, December 15, 01:16:26 PM

The worst movie of the year is now yours to own.

Tuesday, October 30, 05:48:01 PM

It was pretty good. It isn't the same as the book though. Plus the first movie was the best so far

Saturday, October 20, 09:54:38 AM

I think that it was an awsome movie. of course, the book will ALWAYS be better. I'm buying it on December 11th ( or I'm gonna try to get earlier than that!) 4 stars.

Saturday, October 13, 12:30:23 PM

great movie, but remember it is not the book.

Friday, October 12, 01:38:18 PM

Seems to me that these movies have gotten progressively less entertaining. I didn't read this book, and quite frankly by the end of the movie, I was looking around for what happened and wondering if it was truly over. Not well executed I'd say.

Wednesday, October 10, 07:14:15 PM

It was a really good movie. People have to understand that this movie CAN NOT include all of the aspects of the book! This was the longest book of the whole series, and i'm sure that if the movie had been 4 hours long, every single person on here would be complaining that it was too long. Nobody is ever really happy with anything, someone will always pick out the bad things from the good. And please people, if you dont understand the movie.. well ready the bloody book! It really is an amazing series, and for someone to go and ask why Umbridge was in pink the whole time.. well come on! Read the book or shut up and stop complaining!!!

Saturday, October 6, 09:55:48 PM

I would see this movie over and over again! It was sooooo good!

Saturday, October 6, 12:05:54 PM

The battle at the end was AMAZING! overall, a good movie with brilliant parts.

Friday, September 28, 01:05:07 PM

its so kool

Friday, September 28, 12:02:17 PM

Not enough Hermione!!! Boo!

Thursday, September 6, 12:05:53 PM

I really dislike the beginning of the movie. The Dursleys are a disaster. Instead of the love to hate villans they are bumbling three stooges. The Cho Chang character is sadly misrepresented in the movie to no purpose. Luna Lovegood character is the best deal in the movie. As Voldemort would say: I confess myself to be disappointed.

Sunday, September 2, 08:51:48 AM

not the best one but still really fun! daniel radclif is hot!

Wednesday, August 29, 03:14:23 PM

Very suspenseful!

Monday, August 27, 01:29:10 PM

Of all the movies this one was the most different from the real story. This movie was supposed to be about Harry, Ron and Hermione, the formation of Dumbledore's army, their secret training, and final unlikely success together. They all had about ten lines in the whole movie, while there was enough Delores Umberage for about two movies. Everyone got up and left as soon as the movie ended. Like everyone, I only stayed long enough to see the very first credit for director and two producers. Three stooges, I thought. I feel sorry for the actors and casting agents and costume and set people and everyone who handed them the perfect chance on a silver platter.

Monday, August 27, 12:39:25 PM

Cool. Fun

Monday, August 27, 12:36:12 PM


Monday, August 27, 08:16:54 AM

I loved it! Harry Potter movies are always really good.. but it might be harder to understand if you havent read the book

Sunday, August 26, 09:13:15 PM

I enjoyed the movie but was a little disappointed in what was missing from the book. But you can't have it all in a movie.

Sunday, August 26, 01:23:25 PM

Bad acting + Bad pace + Bad fluidity = BAD DIRECTING This movie didn't flow at all. The first scene was just embarassing to watch Daniel Radcliffe. I wanted to walk out the movie after it. It was way too fast-paced as it kept the wrong parts of the book and cut out all the good necessary parts. Also, did not expect Tonks to look that way. Most characters had only one line or not even. HORRIBLE MOVIE.

Saturday, August 25, 08:33:14 PM

I liked it, but it was too short. I think that WB is going to have a hard time making the movies for books 6 & 7 make sense. Why? Because they have cut too much of the plot and too many of the pivotal characters out of the story lines for the screen plays in order to make the movies fit some sort of predetermined time limit. I, for one, would be willing to sit through a longer movie in order to have more of the story.

Saturday, August 25, 07:05:24 PM

the most amazing movie this summer! no one cannot like this, very intense, incredible graphics and photography, and the acting was very well done. cheers to the cast on this one! :)