Tuesday, October 11, 11:46:55 PM

Anyone over 12 will be bored stiff. Why do they make junk like this...?

Thursday, February 3, 05:00:31 PM

it was good!

Monday, July 21, 08:01:18 PM

ya this movie was a great way to introduce the harry potter franchise

Saturday, July 19, 11:24:04 AM

I absolutely love this movie and theres nothing anyone is going to say to change my mind!

Saturday, September 8, 05:49:02 PM

the movie is so wonderful that it is extremely hard for me to explain how much i love HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHERS STONE

Sunday, June 3, 05:33:39 PM

I think this movie was more based for kids than adults.

Thursday, October 12, 12:08:36 PM

The best thing about this film is that the book is not very long, so you can make it into a two and a half hour long film. Kids and their parents will really enjoy this one for sure.

Sunday, May 14, 10:22:49 AM

i think it was the best out of all the other harry potter films

Tuesday, April 18, 04:58:33 PM

Emma Watson (Hermione) is so sexy and hot. George

Tuesday, April 18, 04:55:56 PM

The acting could have ben a bit better but it was very good still

Tuesday, December 6, 12:55:15 PM

Cool, funny actress as Harry`s Mom, the first is the best!

Saturday, August 13, 11:53:59 AM

harry potters the best cant wait till next movies out

Friday, August 12, 06:24:20 AM

harry potter`s AWESOME man!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 11:22:56 AM

Harry Potter ROCKS!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 06:14:10 PM

i prefer the books but the movie was good, the acting wasnt that great, their doing better in the movies after.i like the 3rd the best.

Friday, May 27, 05:59:24 AM

I think harry potter is a wonderful person

Tuesday, May 17, 09:58:02 PM

it was cool

Tuesday, April 12, 01:33:52 PM

hey you are cool.

Tuesday, February 22, 10:29:17 AM

Harry Potter rocks!

Tuesday, February 22, 10:29:08 AM

I love the Harry Potter books and the movies are really good adaptations, this one especially.

Tuesday, February 22, 10:27:37 AM

Hermione is my favourite character!

Tuesday, February 22, 10:27:20 AM

Great! Can`t wait to see the rest of the films.

Tuesday, February 22, 10:27:01 AM

Best film of the series so far.

Wednesday, January 12, 09:46:11 AM

was good but needs naked chicks to make it rock

Thursday, November 4, 05:44:45 AM

i think the film was great and i injoyed it and went and bought the film because the ones who play in it are great and thank them from the bottom of my heart never stop filming harry potter.all the best julian

Tuesday, October 12, 02:37:05 PM

well I thought it was asome and my fav is hermione too

Sunday, September 26, 09:12:11 PM

best movie ever

Tuesday, August 31, 01:53:30 PM

Dude this movie is like soooooo cool man and i mean cool man. i mean like who dous not like Harry Potter except our parents Dude. DUDE

Saturday, August 7, 06:45:15 PM

Movie was great special effects superb. Acting out of this world. Great credit to Joanna Rowlings book. Films cannot be like books completely but at least the story wasn`t completely changed like some films.

Thursday, July 22, 05:16:57 PM

so cool

Tuesday, July 6, 03:15:49 AM

I thought the movie was a colourful adaption of the book

Friday, June 4, 06:18:18 PM

Way better then prisoner of azkaban which is a flop!

Monday, May 31, 11:50:02 AM

This movie is protrayed a a mystical adventure and keeps the audience interested through the movie. All actors in the movie are believable and they make a strong performance which has made this movie number one on the movie charts. As for the next new movie, Richard Harris will be missed as his strong part is what made the character Harry Potter work best.

Sunday, May 30, 03:58:46 PM

i prefer the book... but it was a good movie..

Tuesday, May 11, 07:43:15 PM

For one thing it`s called Sorcerors stone, not philosophers stone. It was a pretty good movie.

Tuesday, April 6, 08:47:50 PM

Harry Potter is a best movie. I like This movie becouse that was intresting.

Saturday, April 3, 06:21:17 PM

I thinke that Harry Potter is the bomb, like who would not like Harry Potter. Well a few people i know dous not like Harry Potter but that`s about it.

Wednesday, February 25, 05:07:09 PM

Harry Potter is the book for all ages....im 14 and my moms 41 ...we both find These books AMAZING and they did i GREAT job on the production of the movies!

Tuesday, January 20, 07:17:10 PM

This movie is AMAZING. jAN hEENEY

Saturday, December 20, 05:11:48 PM

is areally good movie