Monday, March 25, 12:57:49 PM

The books are amazing, and you can read them over and over and over again, but this movie lacked just about everything that makes the books so good. They cut more out of this movie than they did with the Lord Of The Rings movie and the book The Lord Of The Rings was about three times longer, than Harry Potter. The only credit I would give to this movie was the costume design, and the score but besides that, this movie was an insult to J.K Rowlings great work.

Saturday, March 23, 12:52:07 PM

really good, im a huge fan of the books and was very impressed

Saturday, March 23, 12:19:23 AM

lord of the rings is so much better then this movie. thats why its nominated for an oscar. Movie was so so

Friday, March 22, 10:30:16 PM

I so loved this movie!!!!!!!!! I can`t wait for the next one.

Friday, March 22, 10:28:50 PM

best movie i`ve ever seen. EVER!!!

Friday, March 22, 10:28:14 PM

This movie rocked yo

Friday, March 22, 10:27:48 PM

It was a very good adaptation of the book.

Friday, March 22, 10:26:32 PM

This movie was so cool

Friday, March 22, 10:25:52 PM

Fabulous. I can`t believe that it has such a low rating.

Friday, March 22, 10:24:56 PM

Soooo Cooool

Friday, March 22, 10:40:56 AM

Number 1!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 01:38:17 PM

I didn`t enjoy this movie. It was quite boring, but pretty. I suggest you use your money to buy the books which are a lot more fun and value for your money.

Tuesday, March 19, 08:21:00 AM

Harry Potter had very good special effects and i loved the book too!! thank you J.K for making such a fantastic book and to turn it into a movie was just an excellent idea!!!!

Friday, March 15, 04:24:46 PM

This was actually an extremely excellent movie! I thought that it would be kinda lame but I was way wrong! See it!

Friday, March 15, 10:27:01 AM

nice movie :-)

Thursday, March 14, 07:46:11 PM

SO BETTER THAN THE Lord of the rings

Thursday, March 14, 09:43:44 AM

This was the best adapted screenplay ever!! It was almost identical to the books but with a few twists and turns!! You also have to read the books!!!

Monday, March 11, 10:06:49 PM

I love this movie

Monday, March 11, 10:05:36 PM

The Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 11, 07:24:02 PM

It is my favorite movie in the whole world, like totally the best!

Sunday, March 10, 10:51:05 PM


Sunday, March 10, 09:54:35 AM

It is the best movie I have ever seen in my entire life!!No movie could ever compare toit and Im seeing it for the twefth time today

Saturday, March 9, 04:37:05 PM

Fantastic...for all ages! Read the books too, they`re great for all ages as well!

Friday, March 8, 04:04:18 PM

It was the best movie in the whole world! It was awsome! Daniel radcliffe, Rupert,Emma and Tom were amazing! Its worth your money!

Friday, March 8, 01:51:43 PM

Harry Potter is the best film of 2001.

Tuesday, March 5, 06:43:20 PM

I thought Harry Potter and the Philospher`s Stone was the greatest movie ever. I myself love Daniel Radcliffe and he is a exellent actor. Ihope he is in all the other Harry Potter movies!

Tuesday, March 5, 06:41:13 PM

IT WAS SO GOOD I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 4, 08:37:16 PM

This was one amazing movie.DANIEL RADCLIFFE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 4, 02:07:50 PM

harry potter is a fantastic charactor with extiting adventures and that is why he is so good

Sunday, March 3, 11:22:23 PM

cool special effects. I liked it when Neville was flying,

Sunday, March 3, 11:21:05 PM

Best movie ever!!!!!!

Sunday, March 3, 11:20:26 PM


Sunday, March 3, 08:59:44 PM


Sunday, March 3, 08:58:48 PM

I absolutely love this movie

Saturday, March 2, 05:51:57 PM

A great movie, but missed a lot of parts from the book. If you haven`t seen the movie yet, read the book first then compare and you`ll find that the book is better

Saturday, March 2, 11:02:43 AM

i loved it but they left out peeves the poltergeist

Wednesday, February 27, 10:29:10 PM

I felt that this movie left out to many details from the book. This movie was crap compared to the book, I will enjoy seeing them trying to make the other books to come into a movie that will be a real challenge for them, since i don`t think this was a great acheivement

Tuesday, February 26, 07:43:29 PM

i thought that harry potter was great but the quisten i have are there any more harry potter moives coming out

Monday, February 25, 03:27:43 PM

The best movie ever. the special effects, music and leading actors are great!!

Sunday, February 24, 12:29:16 PM

I think the Harry Potter movie was great. They got it closer to the book then I thought they would. I hope the next movies will be as good as this one.