Monday, February 20, 09:35:07 PM

overcoming the banks ruthless plan to screw the commom man

Wednesday, February 1, 04:19:13 PM

Jeff Bridges has become one of the best actors around. He is so relaxed and convincing in this movie. Without him I probably would give it one star.

Saturday, January 21, 12:29:56 AM

Anyone who rated this movie above a 1 must have not really watched it! One moment I think we are in the '80s with talk of VCRs and then the next a girl is sending a message on an iPhone with iMessage. REALLY!! This is the slowest movie ever :(

Tuesday, December 27, 07:48:00 PM

I've never actually seen this movie but if I had, I think I would've liked it.

Tuesday, December 6, 01:03:06 PM

5 out of 5 stars movie, not too often that can be said, highly recommended

Tuesday, November 1, 01:30:08 PM

Excellent movie! It doesn't seem like there will be any funny bits in it, but you'll be surprised how many times you have a chuckle. Highly recommend!

Thursday, September 22, 10:44:55 AM

Excellent! The story, the acting, the ending..perfection.

Wednesday, September 21, 01:39:44 AM

Poor movie... maybe they could shoot it next time while Jeff Bridges takes the plug of chewing tobacco out of his mouth or ask him to speak like a person ...the story line made me think at the end-What was the point of this movie? I just didn't get it.

Tuesday, September 20, 07:55:08 PM

What a welcome return of the western maintaining many of the old west themes despite being so contemporary. Rancher v the bank, robberies of latter and male relationships even if they do involve a lot of guns. It's Bonnie and Clyde meets My Darling Clementine with a bit of Thelma and Louise thrown in - again male. Wouldn't change a thing. Such a worthy picture.

Saturday, September 17, 07:55:42 AM

A near perfect package. Well thought out adult script and exceptionally interesting and developed characters. This should capture a number of award nominations. Best movie in the last few years.

Friday, September 16, 06:36:28 PM

Casting is great and all did a great job..directing however, is amateur...and storyline just idiotic at times...didn't flow as a good plot as it jumped around too much..and just awful lines for Bridges.

Thursday, September 15, 02:08:10 PM

Very entertaining. Jeff Bridges awesome! A must see.

Sunday, September 11, 07:04:51 PM

Excellent movie, great acting wonderfully cast actors, I am looking for Oscar nomination because its oscar worthy!!

Saturday, September 10, 12:49:20 AM

Loved this movie.

Wednesday, September 7, 08:26:19 PM

I am a bug Beau Bridges fan and also Chris Pine. Both these guys were fabulous in this movie. It was a little different, sort of like an old time western, adventure, 2 Texas bank robbers. I noticed a mature audience, obviously fans of good movies!

Wednesday, September 7, 07:27:15 PM

awesome movie

Wednesday, September 7, 02:05:15 PM

Good storyline. Gripping; intelligent. Well worth the view

Monday, September 5, 02:57:23 PM

Interesting plot. Could have moved a bit faster. All in all, pretty good.

Sunday, September 4, 09:29:03 AM

Really good movie that was very well acted and directed. A different kind of role for Chris Pine and he was terrific.

Saturday, September 3, 09:34:09 PM

Great plot, great acting. Balanced portrait of the haves and have-nots in America today showing a broad perspective of what it takes to make a living, sometimes barely.

Saturday, September 3, 11:29:53 AM


Thursday, September 1, 07:24:53 AM

I thought it was great movie, very entertaining. Jeff Bridges was great, as was all the actors. loved seeing a bit of west Texas in the background.

Wednesday, August 31, 08:15:54 AM

good plot and puts at stake themes like the problem of native Americans and their forfeted lands, race amd inhereted poverty, Interesting sound track but slow rhythm , did not keep us engaged. Expected more.

Wednesday, August 31, 01:31:49 AM

Old and new wests collide as two brothers rob branches of a specific bank in order to pay that same bank off before it can foreclose on the family ranch. Two Texas Rangers are on the case, with one just about to retire. Smart, focused and timely. Sharp performances, lovely direction and a solid plot. One of the best of this or any other year.

Saturday, August 27, 08:36:41 PM

Completely engaging. Wonderful performances, Chris Pine's best yet. Powerful story, well told.

Saturday, August 27, 03:56:36 PM

Good movie.

Saturday, August 27, 12:21:55 PM

Good first effort, but self-indulgent, maybe it's an American morality tale.

Saturday, August 20, 09:14:45 AM

Excellent movie and much more than an action flic. Clever dialogue, great cast and beautifully shot amid the apocalyptic Texas landscape where the American dream went to die. Jeff Bridges and Ben Foster in particular are superb. As Bridges' character says "This will haunt you for the rest of your life" and that's pretty much how the movie leaves you.