Sunday, August 25, 08:00:26 PM

You will fall in love watching this movie.

Monday, August 19, 10:37:46 PM

Everything I liked

Monday, August 19, 11:33:58 AM

i think all three of these reviews were done by people related to this movie~

Saturday, August 17, 01:34:05 AM

great story , kumpletos recados, a sequel is a must

Thursday, August 15, 08:59:14 AM

Good story and good actors. The plot is very refreshing. This should have a sequel.

Saturday, August 10, 04:32:55 PM

I would rate Hello Love Goodbye five star! I love the actors Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo. They’re great in portraying their respective roles! The real stand out of this movie are the stories of Filipinos abroad choosing their family's dreams over theirs. Congratulations to the entire casts and people behind this movie! Recommended to have a sequel. HLD is so beautifully executed!!!!