Thursday, January 11, 09:59:30 PM

I've watched it six times and love it and have great laughs and love "Doris.

Thursday, July 7, 10:29:13 PM

Totally loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 10:18:34 PM

I liked it, I really really liked it!

Thursday, June 2, 10:59:56 PM


Wednesday, June 1, 11:17:51 PM

A warm, comfortable movie with Sally Field performing perfectly in a role made for her. See it!

Thursday, May 19, 07:06:14 PM

An excellent movie. Hopefully the positive reviews will encourage the movie makers that their focus should not always be sex,violence and general societal mayhem. We have enough craziness in our daily lives. Let`s hope that we can return to a more positive movie time.

Wednesday, May 18, 08:49:13 PM

This movie was so bad it defies all logic. There seems to a race to the bottom btetween the bad acting, poor writing, and bad cinematography. What surprises me is that anyone could rate this movie as acceptable.

Tuesday, May 17, 04:25:26 PM

The one person who gave this no stars is way off the mark. This was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing and my husband was howling when she was imagining the "kiss". It was just a lot of fun.

Monday, May 16, 11:45:54 AM

What a pleasant surprise! I have always liked Sally but sometimes find her roles full of fluff. This role is full of substance and depth of character. In my opinion she is an Oscar candidate! This movie is a pleasant surprise and very funny!

Monday, May 9, 09:53:29 PM

The audience was laughing out loud a lot. My husband and I want to see it again. No violence, no nudity and no swearing! This movie proves it is possible. Amazing.

Sunday, May 8, 11:00:08 AM

Amazing! Hilarious! Heart Warming!

Saturday, May 7, 12:41:29 AM

I truly enjoyed this light comedy after a long week of hard work. Sally Field was perfect as Doris. She made me laugh often.

Friday, May 6, 09:12:20 PM

Excellent movie. Highly recommended.

Friday, May 6, 05:48:29 PM

Really loved this movie. Sally Field was fantastic. The story had heart.

Thursday, May 5, 07:47:50 PM

Good movie. Very funny. Sally Field do a great job in this movie.

Thursday, May 5, 06:50:12 PM

Sally Field was AMAZING!!

Thursday, May 5, 06:26:55 PM

I loved this movie!!

Thursday, May 5, 06:24:31 PM

Really enjoyed this movie

Thursday, May 5, 06:12:02 PM


Thursday, May 5, 06:09:43 PM

Sally Field is hilarious!

Thursday, May 5, 06:03:45 PM


Thursday, May 5, 05:56:48 PM

Lots of LOL LOL. Sally Field was perfection as Doris. So nice to enjoy a movie without any violence!

Thursday, May 5, 05:55:34 PM

I loved this movie. It was a wonderful mix of drama and comedy, entertaining at times, thought provoking at others. Sally Field was fantastic as usual and she was supported by a great cast as well. I could not find anything not to like about this one. Recommended.

Thursday, May 5, 05:47:36 PM

Every thing I expected it to be! Sally Fields was brilliant ! I give it 5 stars!

Thursday, May 5, 05:41:14 PM

I loved it! A funny, sweet and uplifting movie.

Wednesday, May 4, 10:41:48 PM

Sally Field makes any movie a Masterpiece!

Wednesday, May 4, 10:38:30 PM

Great cast. Sally Field was fantastic

Tuesday, May 3, 02:30:20 PM

This movie is realistic although Sally Field portrays her as extremely excentric, she is believable. It's funny and sad but all round a interesting and entertaining movie!!

Monday, May 2, 04:43:29 PM

Very good movie. Sally Field and Tyne Daly both played excellent roles.

Sunday, May 1, 01:14:57 AM

I have never rated a movie before, but I absolutely loved this movie. Everyone in the theater was laughing out loud. I would go see this again.

Friday, April 29, 01:12:44 PM

Well written, well acted. Amusing. Probably best suited for an older audience.

Thursday, April 28, 11:40:20 PM

Very funny, charming & realistic. Good acting from two time Oscar winner Sally Fields. We truly enjoyed this movie….laughed and smiled a lot. It moved along briskly and we did not want it to end. Would definitely see it again!!

Thursday, April 28, 12:54:53 PM

If I could give it less stars I would. It was the story of a sad old (sorry Sally Fields) lady who Catfishes her co-worker. Take out the quirky music and add a darker soundtrack and you got yourself a crappy artsy thriller. I walked out before it was over and I can't walk...This movie is so awful it gave me the ability to walk!

Monday, April 25, 04:51:16 PM

What a lovely movie. Sally Field is such a talent, i wish hollywood would make more wholesome movies like this and less of those bloody shoot em up blow em up picture shows the kids are into.

Saturday, April 23, 03:29:36 AM

LOVED IT!! ... and I rarely ever say things like this. It's a must see!

Sunday, April 3, 10:53:19 AM

Sally Field is a comic gem!