Thursday, June 6, 03:52:05 PM

We loved the movie, funny, sexy and makes us realize how life can turn around with decisions we make.

Friday, May 31, 09:51:22 AM

This movie came from snore-ville. A complicated story line, and some of the characters were humorous. Not my kind of show and would not recommend.

Thursday, May 30, 04:07:50 PM

Should have waited until it came to Netflix

Monday, May 27, 09:37:26 AM

Movie was entertaining. Can't say like it dislike. It was ok. Not really my type of movie. I like more mystery and thriller.

Monday, May 27, 01:20:15 AM

Glen Powell stars in one of the year’s funniest, sexiest, most enjoyable movies — and somehow it’s surprisingly deep, too. It’s the kind of romp people are talking about when they say that “they don’t make them like they used to”: It’s romantic, sexy, hilarious, satisfying and a genuine star-clinching turn for Glen Powell the new hollywood hunk.