Wednesday, October 24, 03:09:26 PM

So close to be a really good movie, but writing, direction and just basic common sense of the average person seems to be lacking. Acting was good, and the killer girl was great. Typical Hollywood recently made movie by Oh so special and wonderful, who got lots of participation awards, lazy millenials.

Thursday, October 11, 08:33:42 PM

It starts nowhere and ends the same way.

Tuesday, June 19, 04:59:19 PM

hated it. nasty, stupid waste of time

Sunday, June 17, 04:39:25 PM

Strange concept,but entertaining.

Thursday, June 14, 09:48:49 PM

I liked this movie, action/scifi, entertainingly different. Give it a try if you like movies like i do.

Wednesday, June 13, 12:01:52 AM

Too dark and depressing. Really bad acting.

Saturday, June 9, 05:44:02 PM

Dark and very strange!

Saturday, June 9, 08:11:31 AM

Strange movie but I liked it,