Tuesday, April 2, 01:13:23 PM

Really enjoyable!

Wednesday, March 27, 05:22:30 PM

Fantastic movie!

Saturday, March 23, 09:44:51 PM

I love it!

Saturday, March 16, 10:16:17 PM

Good animation and storyline

Friday, March 15, 10:15:24 AM

Good movie for children .

Tuesday, March 12, 02:35:49 PM


Saturday, March 9, 09:57:38 AM


Tuesday, March 5, 10:15:21 PM

Loved the Animation in this. I was wowed and very nice parts in this movie. I'm not surprised this one has done very well. I saw the other 2 and really enjoyed them but this one was a wow. Dreamworks did amazing Anamation in this. A little comedy and everything.

Tuesday, March 5, 07:59:12 AM

It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 2, 10:06:21 PM

LOVE this movie! Graphics are wonderful, story-line even better. Not a disappointment to be found. I didn't think the ending was sad at all, instead an encouraging part of real world life in that we all must continue on our journey. Couldn't have written this any better. Kristen Wiigs' scene as Ruffnut had me laughing so hard that I missed half of it. Must see. Must own.

Thursday, February 28, 05:27:17 PM

I LOVED this movie! Such a good storyline! I have seen the first one, the series, and the second one as well and they are all amazing! Great job DreamWorks! I went to the early screening on Feb.2 as well.

Tuesday, February 26, 11:35:07 PM

Very well done I would recommend it to any age .

Tuesday, February 26, 09:49:17 PM

Awesome, the best , my boy love it

Monday, February 25, 08:35:44 PM

now that its sad ending why would i go thats enough sadness in the real world

Sunday, February 24, 03:51:28 PM

This movie was awesome!!! It is a must watch. No ifs, ands or buts.

Sunday, February 24, 12:35:40 PM

Kids loved it. Madison liked the hidden world, seeing all the dragons. Ethan like it when the black dragon saw the white dragon. Declan liked everything.

Sunday, February 24, 09:15:19 AM

The animation in this movie was outstanding. Go see it in the doby theater Amazing.

Saturday, February 23, 10:42:21 PM

Amazing. Watch it. Period.

Saturday, February 23, 09:47:39 PM


Saturday, February 23, 07:36:52 PM

I loved the animation and the music. Went in expecting nothing, and throughly enjoyed it.

Saturday, February 23, 05:01:03 PM

An epic conclusion to an epic trilogy!!!

Friday, February 22, 10:10:22 PM

It was sad but epic detail

Friday, February 22, 10:51:07 AM

By far the best of the 3. You need to see this movie!!!

Friday, February 15, 04:26:36 PM

I saw this movie on February 2 and.... I love it. My son loved it too.

Saturday, February 9, 08:01:22 PM

It was sad but GREAT!

Friday, January 18, 09:16:30 PM

It's the best out of all but sad👍🏻😭