Friday, September 20, 10:40:55 AM

This movie was awful! Slow moving, repetitive and downwrite terrible acting from well known actors....we really tried to get our money back!!

Friday, September 20, 01:29:56 AM

Why is this even a movie? A group of unsophisticated strippers rip off rich men and get caught. That's it.

Thursday, September 19, 05:19:28 PM

Jennifer Lopez did it again!!!!!!

Thursday, September 19, 03:10:19 PM

Awkward bore

Thursday, September 19, 10:17:34 AM

Boring & uncalled for. Men should be ashamed of themselves

Wednesday, September 18, 11:19:37 PM

Lopez lights up the screen in this season's most sizzling entertainment!

Wednesday, September 18, 10:50:53 PM

Very boring

Wednesday, September 18, 10:50:27 PM

If this really happened they should get life without thats some scummy hoes 2 out 10

Wednesday, September 18, 01:50:13 PM

Nothing to like, flimsy story line and unlikable characters, very boring!

Wednesday, September 18, 11:43:12 AM

You can't take your eyes off Jennifer Lopez!

Wednesday, September 18, 01:49:00 AM

Well told story.

Tuesday, September 17, 09:23:10 PM

Save your money. Although JLo and cast look great, the movie is nothing more than obscenities and pornography.

Tuesday, September 17, 02:02:29 PM

Just Meh. Jennifer Lopez is awesome but I wasn't overly thrilled with the movie.

Tuesday, September 17, 10:26:39 AM

I've seen it three times already! J.Lo is back in a big way, people!

Tuesday, September 17, 09:29:25 AM

Nothing exciting about this movie!, disappointed! Expected much more!,

Monday, September 16, 07:05:51 PM

Jeez, a movie about strippers squeezing money out of the stuffed shirts. At least switching places had some funny scenes. Critics love it, it has sex money and social programming lessons. Angel has fallen had more to offer and that was just a basic action flick

Monday, September 16, 11:04:24 AM

Oscar worthy both direction and acting

Monday, September 16, 12:37:59 AM

One of the top 2 movies of the year. This movie left you thinking about NOTHING AT ALL. Waste of money

Monday, September 16, 12:35:56 AM

Jennifer L. Looked better performing her songs on tv or in concert. Nothing sexy about any of these girls. Sorry

Monday, September 16, 12:34:13 AM

Worst movie of the year. Dragged on and on with nothing happening.

Sunday, September 15, 11:09:50 PM

Worth it just to see Lopez on a stripper pole in minimal attire.

Sunday, September 15, 02:15:15 PM

Better than I thought it would be. Pretty gritty & at times kind of slutty. Last twenty minutes lacked something but over all okay. Very odd to hear JLo swear so much!

Sunday, September 15, 02:09:12 PM

Have always loved Jennifer Lopez which is the only reason I decided to see the film, but this movie is way beneath her style! It was not only a waste of my time and money, but the director's as well!!!! It glorified and justified the hustler scene sending the message that it's okay to "hurt others because you've been hurt"!

Sunday, September 15, 09:49:08 AM

Love J Lo she knows the street hustle!

Sunday, September 15, 09:19:26 AM

One of the top 5 worst movies I ever saw.

Sunday, September 15, 07:37:15 AM

Stupid, lacking in substance movie . Waist of money .Jennifer Lopez showing off her body . BORING !!!!

Sunday, September 15, 06:34:44 AM

Jennifer Lopez is back and in fine form. I rarely hand out perfect scores, but for Ms. Lopez, I will. 5/5

Saturday, September 14, 04:50:50 PM

An exceptional performance by Jennifer Lopez. Haters gonna hate, but Lopez did a fabulous "Ramona.".....Guru Bob says 88/100

Saturday, September 14, 03:39:30 PM

Similar to a Scorsese movie with a lot more depth than I expected.

Saturday, September 14, 02:32:11 PM

J. Lo is my girl crush.

Saturday, September 14, 02:29:47 PM

I am glad I didn't listen to the bad reviews. This is worth seeing.

Saturday, September 14, 02:11:38 PM

Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu were awesome!!!! Loved this.

Saturday, September 14, 02:06:52 PM

Great movie. Movie of a true story, so for the people saying it was boring or had no plot, the plot was the true story of hustlers who made profit from rich Wall Street males who frequented strip clubs and demoralized women.

Saturday, September 14, 01:43:58 PM

Lacking in plot, lacking in substance, lacking in talent, this movie was lacking in just about every area. It is clear why Jennifer Lopez did this movie, she wanted to show off that body of hers, and she did, LOL. Don’t waste your money here, go see “IT” instead.

Saturday, September 14, 01:40:58 PM

Not a very good movie, lacking in plot, lacking in talent, lacking in substance, lacking in just about everything, it is apparent why Jennifer Lopez did this movie, she wanted to show off that body of hers, and she did, LOL. Go see the movie “IT”, that was worth watching.

Saturday, September 14, 12:25:05 PM

Although there was a lot of foul language, which I can imagine is standard language in that environment, it had an interesting plot which I can relate to regarding the recession in 2008. I believe it was based upon a true story. This is evidence of how greed can ruin a good thing. All the actresses, the sisters, did a good job in their roles. I recommend to see the movie.

Saturday, September 14, 12:15:56 PM


Saturday, September 14, 11:11:13 AM

I love Jennifer Lopez, She's a really good actress.

Saturday, September 14, 05:44:35 AM

JLO as a stripper seems to fit her persona, blatantly sexy, a tad on the slutty side, and totally without class. The movie? It was mediocre, lacked substance, and was totally forgettable. Don't know why someone would think this would make for good entertainment "based on a true story or not". In spite of the fact that I have an aversion to diva's, and JLO certainly is one, I can't help but admire her A+ body and sensuality, which I am sure she works hard for, easy to do when you have your own personal chef and trainer. Yes, this is all about JLO. Wasn't that what the movie was all about?

Friday, September 13, 09:09:00 PM

Absolute waste of time