Wednesday, January 1, 09:28:47 AM

this movie make women bad

Monday, December 30, 11:38:25 AM

good thing they're women because if guys did this you never see the light of day ever

Sunday, December 29, 10:17:15 PM


Friday, December 13, 03:45:53 AM

In a classic case of Legal Double Standards. Women drug men and rob them, some for over 100K. When they get caught they get a "Slap on the Wrist". If men did the exact same thing to women, they all would have got at least 10 years in Prison. Men watch this and be careful dealing with women.

Thursday, December 12, 04:14:17 AM

Lopez should finally get her Best Actress Oscar this year.

Thursday, December 12, 12:04:57 AM


Wednesday, December 11, 04:25:21 PM

A movie with an empowering message. The entire family had a great time.

Wednesday, December 11, 04:17:36 PM

J.Lo so sexy and cool.

Friday, November 29, 12:06:05 AM

T & A movie one star above Charlies Angels , for good looking women

Friday, November 29, 12:02:47 AM

slutty trash movie, the kind they used to show at drive- ins minus motorcycles and explosions and of course a good plot

Thursday, November 28, 11:54:56 PM

Foul mouth f bombs and trash writing , JAYLO why are in this movie ? Do you really need the money that bad ? Try slasher films next .

Thursday, November 28, 09:22:28 PM

J LO's HOT but the movies NOT,.. boys take a good look at what women are all about

Wednesday, November 27, 11:04:57 PM

GLITSY TRASH MOVIE- add a sad plot - plus your favorite stars = some stupid consumers willing to waste their money .

Tuesday, November 12, 05:11:37 AM

Even if this movie is seen for free, it still costs too much,

Tuesday, October 29, 02:25:18 PM

I absolutely loved this movie ms Lopez was fantastic way to go girls u all rocked I laughed so much about to see it for a second time $$ well spent ??

Sunday, October 20, 03:30:22 PM

Horrible went with my boyfriend walked out in middle of movie. Very disappointed. He was also disappointed. Waste of time and money Have seen other J Lo movies liked all of them not this one.

Saturday, October 19, 10:57:16 PM

Very disappointed..was expecting much better

Tuesday, October 15, 10:06:02 PM

Wow. This movie was so, so bad on so many levels. It did however give JLo yet another chance to prove to the universe just how milfy she thinks she is. Excruciating. You’ve been warned.

Monday, October 14, 11:51:11 AM

J LO is beautiful. I didnt think the movie was that bad. I think the people who gave it bad reviews were probably with a partner who loved the movie. J Lo's body is terrific and there were lots of skimpy outfits. If it was based on a true story then I didnt mind what happened to the rich guys. I thought it had a fairly good plot

Sunday, October 13, 06:08:00 PM

Terrible waste of time and money.

Sunday, October 13, 01:48:08 AM

The most boring movie I have seen in a long time

Saturday, October 12, 03:49:12 PM

Can't believe all the terrible reviews but this movie was really bad

Saturday, October 12, 12:14:13 PM

Love it

Friday, October 11, 04:10:30 PM

Get your money back after first 20 minutes. Doesn't get any better.

Thursday, October 10, 08:50:27 PM

Wasting time and money.

Thursday, October 10, 02:04:14 PM

Nasty movie for nasty girls. JLO stooping LOW.

Wednesday, October 9, 06:05:15 PM

Very disappointed. Not worth the money.

Tuesday, October 8, 10:26:57 PM

I felt embarrassed for the alleged actors...but they did make their money. Raunchy, forced and even boring.If you just like watching sexy women it is your cup of tea.

Tuesday, October 8, 01:45:21 PM

Don’t go sober.

Sunday, October 6, 03:43:16 PM

Much better she played in any other movie then this one. Bored beyond belief. Did not worth my money and time. At her age should play better rolls. Sorry.

Sunday, October 6, 02:37:34 PM

We walked out. It wasn't because of the nudity or swearing, it was because of the repetitive story-line. Boring!!! That said, J-Lo was amazing on the pole, super fit and strong woman.

Saturday, October 5, 10:59:41 PM

Don't waste your money. This movie drags on and on. We should have walked out but ended up staying hoping it would get better... it didn't.

Saturday, October 5, 12:53:41 PM

Stupid, trashy, let down Lopez going thru menopause I guess. She doesn't need to drop to these levels to try and keep up w 20 yr olds. Just be yourself, choose films w class, taste, a story anything but this mud.

Friday, October 4, 09:39:40 PM

What is this all about J lo. really......??

Friday, October 4, 09:37:08 PM

Long movie. Didn't enjoy it very much. While it might be based on a real story it strays to far from reality. I like strong women but this just showed them as crass. Strip places are not glamours...

Friday, October 4, 01:05:17 PM

Didn't really like how this movie glamorized the fact that the women in this apparent true story were drugging and stealing money from their customers and making it seem acceptable just because their targets were men who frequented strip clubs. Just because the men are sleazy rich bastards doesn't really make it right to drug and steal from them. And it's not like the women were pleading poverty, as they looked to be spending all that stolen money on "necessities" such as luxury apartments, fur coats, expensive clothings, jewelry, etc, etc. Looks like they were living the high life themselves with proceeds of crime. Not impressed with the story and the attempt to justify their criminal activity.

Wednesday, October 2, 03:35:11 PM

This movie did not hold my interest at any point. The story line was more interesting (and that leaves a lot to be desired) than the acting, which wasn't saying much at all. How disappointing - I thought Jennifer Lopez had better taste than this.

Wednesday, October 2, 03:32:39 PM

JLO did nothing worthwhile in this movie. I love her, but this was a movie not worth wasting your money on. Sorry

Wednesday, October 2, 01:45:03 PM

Loved this movie. Love JLo

Tuesday, October 1, 07:18:00 PM

Extremely disappointing movie. Lots of hype, but no substance.