Sunday, November 22, 10:33:22 PM

The people that wrote 5 star reviews obviously are brainwashed in the Cult of Green. Movie was full of lies and trying to brainwash the people that watch it. This movie should be destroyed and not even seen in history.

Sunday, November 8, 07:07:55 PM

Do yourself a favor and do NOT watch it.

Monday, October 19, 09:07:33 PM

Having watched this unfold in real time, there cannot be much in the brains of those who choose to go watch.

Sunday, October 18, 10:27:47 PM

She expresses many valid and important ideas, but it would be a lot easier to get on board with her if she didn't come off as such an ignorant, entitled brat. Instead of spending so much time pointing fingers at other generations, she needs to look at the role her own disposable "me, me, me" generation has played in environmental damage (even the title of her movie screams me, me, me!). My generation isn't the one that has to throw everything out when it becomes a little worn and constantly buy new, nor are we the ones killing wildlife for the sake of a selfie. My generation walked to school instead of having mommy and daddy drive us everywhere in their cars. My generation is not the one using crazy amounts of electricity on video games, computers in classrooms (we used typewriters and text books), computerized POS systems (we used a calculator and a cash box), or the many other electronic devices that are in every school, home, and business these days to cater to the technology-driven younger generation. She needs to stop making out like her generation are just innocent victims and accept that every generation, including hers, has in some way contributed to the global mess we have. Maybe if she didn't spend all of her time lipping off to politicians and trying to get kids pissed off at adults for "ruining their future", all while completely ignoring any responsibility her generation plays in the state of the world, I might actually have some respect for what she is doing and the awareness she is trying to bring to climate-change.

Sunday, October 18, 07:54:09 PM

I just live everything about it.

Saturday, October 17, 05:50:38 PM

Amazing a spoiled little brat telling me that I cannot keep my house and I cannot work in my industry big surprise get a real job girl

Thursday, October 15, 09:17:00 PM

I really liked this movie. It inspires me to be like Greta and try to fix the problems created by the previous generations. Very interesting. I say to all other teens to go and check it out before its too late.

Thursday, October 15, 04:52:33 PM

Interesting and thought provoking. Well done! The future really does lie with our youth - providing they can fix our mistakes. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 14, 06:50:16 PM

Unwatchable and insulting

Friday, October 2, 07:53:16 PM

the last thing the world needs is this entitled brat telling us how bad we are for scratching out a living and surviving the human condition. She flies around in private jets that burn more fuel in one trip than an entire city of vehicles in a day.