Tuesday, April 24, 11:42:29 AM

Talent is nice but talented passion and unexplainable faith are wonderful. And the reconciliation of father and son struck a cord in my childhood.

Monday, April 23, 02:09:19 PM

True stories make the best films. The acting, music & filming were excellent!

Saturday, April 21, 09:54:32 PM

This movie gave us a realistic glimpse of how commercialized and worldly the "christian" record companies are. Sad but true. But equally as important it gave us a good shot of "Never give up on your passion and dreams" and "Never forget that God can change the human heart"

Saturday, April 21, 06:41:27 PM

Nice when you go to a show and thourouly enjoy it. I never watch shows a second time, but I would this one. Worth the money!

Saturday, April 21, 01:24:47 PM

The best movie ever. Learned so much about the song that I love.

Saturday, April 21, 09:24:13 AM

This is a WONDERFUL INSPIRING movie. It is true to life and I believe it can help so many people struggling with family issues, personal issues , dreeams etc. Storing telling builds bridges and this movie certainly does that! WONDERFUL!

Friday, April 20, 12:19:56 PM

Loved how good wins... no one is a lost cause.. there is hope and restoration for anyone!

Thursday, April 19, 11:51:30 PM

I liked everything about it!!!

Thursday, April 19, 06:33:39 PM

I wanted to see this movie as soon as I knew it was coming out. Love, love this song. Sure wasn't dissapointed. Was greater than what I expected. Good to see such a down to earth, real life story. Can't wait to see it again. 👍🏻

Thursday, April 19, 05:06:52 PM

GREAT MOVIE! WHY ONLY DAYTIME SHOWS?!? Hardly any theaters showing this great movie. Sad state of affairs. SHOW THIS IN THE EVENING AS WELL!

Wednesday, April 18, 03:33:59 PM

This was an excellent movie. Love the song , was great to see how it came to be. Shower the power of love and forgiveness and that God's grace is for everyone.

Wednesday, April 18, 01:53:41 PM

EXCELLENT MOVIE! Need more true - inspirational based movies like this one!

Tuesday, April 17, 02:40:10 PM

loved it! will see it again. have worn out 2 c.d.'s with this song on them. buy another! wonderful story, great song. everyone should see it. may change your life!

Monday, April 16, 09:32:46 PM

fantastic and life changing. I want to see it again and again. What a message,

Monday, April 16, 02:25:08 PM

What a wonderful movie! Good story well done and acting.

Monday, April 16, 02:24:46 PM

Relatable to all those who are struggling in abuse, addiction, etc...gives people hope, and to know the solution is found in Jesus Christ..

Monday, April 16, 01:51:01 PM

This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. We all loved it

Sunday, April 15, 01:35:40 PM

I loved everything about it. Forgiveness everyone should practice it

Saturday, April 14, 04:38:48 PM

I liked the actors, the story, the beauty of faith that heals.

Saturday, April 14, 03:05:52 PM

Very good, touching. Love it

Saturday, April 14, 02:07:56 PM

Great story line, Acting was the best and their credits should be doubled. I seldom return for a second showing but will on this one. Best two hours spent in a theater in a long time.

Saturday, April 14, 11:10:40 AM

I am astonished that theatres allowed a Christian film about redemption thru Jesus to remain for weeks!!. I brought a number of people and everyone left emotionally uplifted and ready to share with others.

Friday, April 13, 01:15:53 PM

Go see this movie. It is a true and great story. The media is giving it no attention because it goes against their message. A film like this will not be made anymore in the future. My wife and I went twice. It is wonderful!

Friday, April 13, 01:06:00 PM

Very well done. I've heard a number of my friends say things "That movies gives me hope! My relationship with my father is just like his!". It's not just a movie to get entertained! It's a message of redemption, reconcilation, hope and most importantly... Gospel.

Thursday, April 12, 09:08:51 PM

I correct my 1 star review. God gives us freedom of choices to improve ourselves & help others. Music bridges cultures, ages & frees the soul. Beliefs in love, kindness & music help to make this world a better place.

Thursday, April 12, 03:40:08 PM

Unrealistic. If God really cared, all the many horrible tragedies around the world would not happen. Music is another Opiate for the masses.

Thursday, April 12, 03:25:12 PM

Phenomenal. Shows how God can make something beautiful out of something horrible, in this case, a Triple Platinum song from an unhappy life.

Thursday, April 12, 01:35:30 PM

I LOVED this movie. I would go to the movies more often if this quality of movie was shown.

Thursday, April 12, 10:15:50 AM

Awesome movie . A must see

Wednesday, April 11, 05:58:36 PM

Oh my gosh! It's such a beautiful movie and it feels so good to watch something with such a profound message that warms your heart.

Wednesday, April 11, 12:10:15 AM

Amazing!!! Seeing it again. I proudly support feel good Christian movies like this!

Tuesday, April 10, 11:34:30 PM

Poignant and funny.

Tuesday, April 10, 02:15:42 PM

Feel good movie, likable believable actors, good photography. Inspiring music. Good for whole family! Not churchy or overly religious, the story of how a guy came to write a famous song.

Monday, April 9, 07:28:49 PM

This movie is an amazing true story of hardship, hope, perseverance, forgiveness, redemption just to name a few ! Go see it ! Everyone that I know that did loved it !!!! Great movie for families and adult children !

Sunday, April 8, 07:54:37 PM

We enjoyed this. A great depiction of a true life story. Very good casting and acting. Dennis Quaid deserves an Oscar nomination. My only frustration was with the real life mother who abandoned him. What a filthy POS she was and is. Inhumane.

Sunday, April 8, 06:41:45 PM

A movie that every family should take their children to see

Sunday, April 8, 05:41:30 PM

Awesome!!! Great acting and heart felt story! It is a must see!!!

Sunday, April 8, 05:34:26 PM

Story line was awesome. Everyone, it is a must see!!!

Sunday, April 8, 03:14:49 PM

Just a great movie/ wish they would produce more/

Sunday, April 8, 01:47:02 PM

Fabulous movie!