Saturday, May 19, 11:42:14 AM

This or a nice trip to the dentist, the dentist hurts but you'll recover. This movie should be buried and forgotten.

Tuesday, May 15, 11:12:06 AM

Now that's my kind of movie! Way to go girl! :-)

Friday, May 11, 01:39:44 PM

Surprisingly good. Take your girlfriends and you’ll have a good time

Thursday, May 10, 07:39:35 PM

Loved this movie... very funny!

Thursday, May 10, 02:00:18 PM

Loved it!

Tuesday, May 8, 03:15:32 PM

This movie was funny and charmy.

Tuesday, May 8, 10:46:40 AM

I am not usually a big fan of Amy Schumer but something about this movie called to me to go see it and I am very glad I did. This movie is what it is all about, we are all beautiful as long as we believe we are. Attitude is everything and so often we don't see our own potential, Renee is what everyone should be, kick ass beautiful and not afraid to show it to the world. When we really see ourselves this way so will the rest of the world. Thank you to Amy for showing us the greatness that is inside us all!

Sunday, May 6, 02:19:44 PM

Great movie. Hilarious!

Sunday, May 6, 12:14:27 AM

Loved this movie!!! Confidence rules...very important message. Amy did a great job!

Saturday, May 5, 05:45:39 PM

Best movie by Amy Schumer. It's deep and hilarious. Every girl must watch.

Friday, May 4, 09:22:16 PM

This movie was great 👍

Friday, May 4, 09:17:43 PM

Funny AF! My bf and I laughed so much from beginning to end.

Thursday, May 3, 06:59:45 PM

Bad movie, and very bad storyline. It was unconfortable to watch and not funny. Save your money.

Thursday, May 3, 05:27:36 PM

Ok movie - had some laughs. Good message. Not as crass as she usually is, so don’t worry if you don’t like a raunchy movie - this is definitely not as raunchy as she usually is. Maybe save it for Tuesday cheap night

Thursday, May 3, 09:43:47 AM

VERY FUNNY (& appreciated no foul language, which is not needed). FUNNY !

Wednesday, May 2, 11:28:34 PM

Train wreck was funny but I don't think Amy is meant for the big screen. I found her to be awful in this latest movie. Her stand up is worth watching if repetitive and her sketch show can have the odd memorable laugh but I think this movie will set her career back a bit.

Wednesday, May 2, 07:12:04 PM

We chose this instead of a crowded theater for Infinity Wars. Should have stuck with the crowded theater. AWFUL movie!

Tuesday, May 1, 07:58:20 PM

Good movie! A reality check, unfortunately.

Tuesday, May 1, 11:13:25 AM

Great movie! Funny all the way through! Important lesson.... We all know that when we feel confident we can conquer the world. Our mindset can make or break us... It's up to us! LOVED THIS MOVIE!

Monday, April 30, 04:27:42 PM

No idea how this movie has such low ratings. My husband and I loved it - the whole theatre was laughing at loud. Really fun (and funny) movie without it being low-brow humour.

Monday, April 30, 02:03:41 PM

The message is a positive one. The movie got boring, and was predictable. The bikini competition scenes were very funny! Amy certainly has great legs.

Monday, April 30, 02:03:25 PM

I have no idea who gave t a 1 star - it was a fantastic movie - Amy is a wonderful and natural actress - I think all young ladies should see this movie :) best movie of the year

Sunday, April 29, 09:39:19 PM

It was a senseless movie with no real plot. Was not entertaining.

Sunday, April 29, 05:05:36 PM

love it ?? we need more movie like this ! Realistic of most women not enough confidence in ourselves... but we are amazing and beautiful just need to realize our self!

Sunday, April 29, 10:10:01 AM

Good: The movie gave a positive message concerning inner beauty. Bad: Too drawn out and many moments of boredom.

Sunday, April 29, 01:46:36 AM

Very predictable story line.

Saturday, April 28, 04:14:23 PM

Very funng

Saturday, April 28, 07:26:36 AM

I laughed more in the preview than I did in the actual movie. Good effort, poor acting. I kept waiting for it to evolve into a funny movie, but the story line was flat.

Saturday, April 28, 01:01:25 AM

I enjoyed this show! Had a good storyline and it wasn’t as crude as a lot of Amy’s movies!

Friday, April 27, 11:05:53 PM

Loved this show As a 65 year old woman,I have always worried about how I look and what others think about me. But it’s never to late to wake up and love myself.

Friday, April 27, 06:08:55 PM

A very funny, warm-hearted,feel good movie. Amy Schumer is funny, sometimes laugh out loud funny. She shows the different values of inner strength, confidence and one's self esteem quite well.

Friday, April 27, 03:54:47 PM

Found this movie to be enjoyable and the cast was very good. A nice fluffy comedy to watch. It deserves 5 stars.

Friday, April 27, 10:54:40 AM

Very funny.

Thursday, April 26, 03:06:08 AM

Must watch! ?? Very funny and Amy did a very good job. Love the story. Worth watching for sure

Wednesday, April 25, 02:49:04 PM

I loved this movie. the acting was ok, some cheese , but the underlying message speaks to all girls, women who might feel they're less than worthwhile lets say

Wednesday, April 25, 10:16:46 AM

If you like feeling bored, insulted, and nauseous all at the same time then don't miss this tedious disaster.

Tuesday, April 24, 03:53:34 PM

A strong 3.5 for the Schumer vehicle I feel pretty. The writing is far superior to Trainwreck this time around, and Amy is starting to get her acting chops as she almost convincingly plays a fat chick with body issues, even though she's a super hot curvy chick playing that... the bathing suit competition scene is worth the price of admission alone. I was one of 7 count em 7 other men in the theatre (REPRESENT!) but actually was entertained.

Tuesday, April 24, 12:56:48 PM

It was so-so. Trailers were funny, good overall story, but was expecting more laughs. Instead, just a couple of giggles. This is more of a TV movie for me.

Tuesday, April 24, 08:49:15 AM

She's hot.

Monday, April 23, 08:10:20 PM

Pretty awful. Schumer is unwatchable.