Tuesday, July 7, 11:49:03 PM

Awesome movie!

Monday, June 15, 03:31:46 PM

Very powerful story. If you know anything about Jeremy Camp, you should have known this was going to be a film about faith (for the reviewers who gave this movie a bad score). Good acting.

Friday, June 12, 04:21:00 AM

The hunt was better than this, I’m a christian and this was still shitty

Wednesday, March 18, 09:23:18 PM

Every year the religious among us come out with a movie that supports their belief in the fantasy known as religion.

Tuesday, March 17, 01:45:01 PM

Awesome story of Gods goodness and how He can bring good out of any situation!

Tuesday, March 17, 09:13:30 AM

Wonderful film, God abounds! It is a very telling story about our culture today when the top critics gave a rating of 7% and ALL critics a rating of only 40%. Most referring to fantasies of a God. The film industrial complex wants to eliminate God from public view like communist China. Protect your hearts and souls with Gods "truth" word.

Monday, March 16, 03:25:33 PM

Great acting, great screenplay of a true story. Beautiful love story.

Sunday, March 15, 08:51:55 AM

Was a beautiful faith based love story

Saturday, March 14, 02:44:39 PM

Acting is powerful. Message is different for each viewer. True story ----- JUST BELIEVE . Good Movie . Not for kids.

Saturday, March 14, 02:02:55 PM

Great story of faith and love!

Saturday, March 14, 09:18:11 AM

This movie was so very real! I loved how the raw emotions were portrayed in all aspects of human relationships. Extremely inspirational! I’d highly recommend going to see this movie.

Saturday, March 14, 08:43:09 AM

I can't believe that anyone could make a movie this bad, but someone did.

Friday, March 13, 05:24:54 PM

Best movie ever! Based on the amazing true story of Jeremy and Melissa Camp. If one leaves without being moved by this story And not challenged to believe in Christ The One true God, it’s quite sad the state of their heart.

Friday, March 13, 04:29:27 PM

An extreme tearjerker of the faith-based variety. If you don't attend worship services, you'll probably be bored as it is quite sermonic. The 22 of us didn't care for this movie at all. Closer to a half star rating than one star.

Thursday, March 12, 11:43:08 PM

What a powerful movie!!! LOVED IT !!!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 12:46:07 PM

Such a beautiful romance story! True love at first sight.

Saturday, March 7, 12:22:38 PM

Realistic! The TRUTH