Wednesday, May 22, 11:04:52 PM

Just okay. Maybe because I never had an IF, probably because I was 1 of 8 kids. I can't imagine having an IF unless it's some kind of coping mechanism. Some cute parts ad touching parts, but some dull parts too. Nice plot twist. I think it's more for adults than for kids.

Wednesday, May 22, 11:38:48 AM

It has something for everyone! I haven't enjoyed myself so much at the movies since Follow That Bird almost 40 years ago.

Monday, May 20, 07:03:36 PM

Different, cute for kids and adults. About imaginary friends all kids have one at very young age! Good family film. 😊 At times hard to follow, but go for the ride!

Saturday, May 18, 10:54:24 PM

Cute for teensy weensy kids.

Saturday, May 18, 05:33:04 PM

It's what you do when you've seen everything in a 22 screen theater and they don't change the movies for a month.

Friday, May 17, 07:32:50 PM

My 2 Friends enjoyed every minute of it. Great fun and better then I Expected

Friday, May 17, 05:50:56 PM

It's good movie. People forgot to lose the mind when growing up. This movie is for kids, but a whole family need to watch this. I liked this movie

Friday, May 17, 01:03:32 PM

I loved the movie I will watch the second one if get it

Friday, May 17, 12:56:14 PM

I loved so did my kids we are hoping there is a second movie

Thursday, May 16, 08:42:41 PM

First, the movie is for children , very , very, young children . Where do we start , the asian boy that is channelling , full tilt , St. Jude , pushing his adult glasses every three seconds , gee I am adorable , oh and I cant act. The father has a broken heart , but i think he had a lobotomy .Every shot he looks like the main characters in smile , glaze over cringe face .I could handle all that , but , clearly someone ripped off , Fosters Home for Imagination friends , that was great this , not si great , oh , all the kids in the cinema , hated it , bored . This razy bad .

Wednesday, May 15, 11:31:11 AM

It's a very cute movie for kids.