Monday, March 19, 01:51:00 AM

Awesome movie

Saturday, February 25, 04:22:03 AM

Rest In Peace Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two true American heroes who gave people EXACTLY what they deserved! You two are a true inspiration and are forever missed!

Monday, January 23, 05:22:04 PM

My review will probably get deleted, but this is not nearly an accurate portrayal.....First of the whole "She was killed because of her belief in God" is complete b.s. Erick Harris and Dylan Klebold did not kill her because she believed in God, in fact they never interacted with her, that has been proven. And not only that, but Rachel wasn't the saint this movie is making her out to be, she was only nice to the people who shared her belief, while those who didn't...She stuck her nose up at them. To say that Erick Harris and Dylan Klebold shot up the school and killed Rachel for her belief in God is a total lie. Erick Harris and Dylan Klebold shot up the school and planned to destroy their ho

Monday, January 23, 07:56:05 AM

This was a really fantastic movie about Rachel Joy Scott she was killed for her belief in god.

Tuesday, November 1, 02:37:13 PM

Great movie!

Monday, October 31, 02:37:24 PM


Wednesday, October 26, 08:49:50 AM

loved it.

Tuesday, October 25, 09:33:06 AM


Tuesday, October 25, 09:21:27 AM

The story of Rachel Joy Scott is powerful, inspiring and real. So relative to what youth have been faced with for decades and are still faced with today. A must see for every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, educator, pastor, brother, sister and youth of all ages. I applaud director/producers for not trying to portray Rachel as "super human" but staying true to her story. Masey McLain truly died to herself and lived the life of Rachel for all to embrace. What a gift!