Wednesday, March 2, 03:45:44 PM

nice movie, excellent pictures!

Saturday, February 26, 10:29:39 AM

Considering that I have no interest in the space program I was amazed at how interesting I found this movie.

Thursday, February 17, 08:14:18 AM

amazing images!

Tuesday, February 1, 07:58:07 PM

Quite informative

Monday, January 31, 07:32:58 PM

An amazing film that really shows how tiny we are in perspective to the universe that God created. WOW.

Monday, January 31, 06:57:23 AM

Incredible film!

Thursday, January 13, 12:30:40 PM

This was so well done. Amazing.

Thursday, January 13, 12:14:00 PM

This is one of the best IMAX movies I've ever seen. Leonardo Di Caprio is a wonderful narrator and the photography is unbelievable. Enthralling, engaging and entertaining !! You learn so much about space and the space program in this movie. The statistics are staggering. How could we possibly think we're alone in the universe.

Monday, January 10, 06:27:19 PM

just amazing even if not in 3D

Monday, January 10, 10:26:17 AM

A great view of space

Saturday, January 8, 10:39:28 AM

A great view of space

Friday, January 7, 06:12:56 PM

Best IMAX film ever.

Thursday, January 6, 12:41:00 PM

We have all seen photos taken in space, but these are phenomenal. Shots from the Hubble clearly show earth as well as super novas and stars far beyond the sight of the human eye. The narration, by Leonardo Decaprio, is very informative and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand. In IMAX, the visuals are outstanding, highly recommended.

Thursday, January 6, 10:08:11 AM

very captivating with terrific narration

Tuesday, January 4, 04:52:02 PM

A great view

Friday, December 31, 11:09:01 AM

This was truly amazing. Gives you a real good look of what it's like in space and the pictures are amazing... like you're right there with them.

Thursday, December 30, 11:33:07 AM

A great space story

Saturday, December 25, 08:57:21 AM

just amazing

Thursday, December 23, 08:01:36 PM

A great movie

Thursday, December 16, 11:32:49 AM

A great way to see space

Friday, December 10, 12:13:28 PM

A very eye-catching movie

Friday, December 10, 12:12:56 PM

A great display

Wednesday, December 1, 11:53:01 AM

The only way to see Space

Wednesday, November 24, 01:34:39 PM

A great way to see Space

Wednesday, September 29, 04:34:26 PM

WONDERFUL! One of the best Imax l have seen

Monday, August 23, 11:45:50 AM

An excellent movie

Friday, August 13, 01:56:12 PM

Can't beat this for awesome!!!!

Friday, July 30, 10:04:45 PM

Thoroughly enjoyed!

Friday, July 30, 08:57:50 PM

Not bad actually, just saw it. it was quite interesting

Friday, July 30, 11:28:46 AM

If you are into space movies then it is well worth going too.

Friday, July 30, 10:30:28 AM

An excellent flick

Friday, July 30, 10:30:10 AM

An excellent flick

Saturday, July 24, 10:59:47 AM

An excellent wat to get to space

Saturday, July 24, 04:03:12 AM

Wonderful movie and great for all family members.

Friday, July 23, 12:49:47 AM

A great eye opener

Thursday, July 22, 11:06:50 PM

went with my son's school for the end of the year trip to the Ontario Science Centre in TO. Very interesting for all who went!

Thursday, July 15, 06:41:22 PM

Very educational, it opens up my eyes.

Monday, July 12, 08:35:38 AM

Spectacular visuals and engrossing story.

Wednesday, July 7, 11:27:40 PM

Goes to show how Hubble has expanded the human psyche.

Wednesday, July 7, 05:39:44 PM

Great film for the whole family. Love IMAX. Feels like you are right there.