Sunday, March 15, 04:55:40 PM

I loved the performances the 4 of them did they had me in stitches

Thursday, March 12, 03:51:31 PM

Same old stuff as every episode. All these guys do is laugh at each other. Seen any episode other wise? Yuk

Thursday, March 12, 03:39:54 PM

Very funny movie, some of the scripted stuff isn't as funny but overall the film is very funny and good!

Thursday, March 12, 11:53:26 AM

Just as FUNNY the second time around

Friday, March 6, 09:35:15 PM

It was boring

Friday, March 6, 08:53:29 AM

worst movie ever !!! don't waste your good money on this.

Tuesday, March 3, 11:40:32 AM

If ur a fan of the show just stay with the show, the movie isn’t as good. Some good parts but overall I would’ve been happier watching the show because in the show I get what I want, jokes. This was ruined by the story which was kinda stupid, if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it. Just give everyone what they love. We don’t need a story or plot just cause it’s a movie, just do funny pranks like the show, it’s what works so why would you change it for the movie. I was really excited and hoping the movie would’ve been a longer version of the show, but it’s sooo not. Wth guys?! Way to let everyone down

Tuesday, March 3, 08:27:32 AM

The best movie out there.

Saturday, February 29, 01:31:17 AM

If you are a fan of the show, this is for sure the movie for you. Loved it, so hilarious.

Friday, February 28, 12:02:55 PM

FUNNY MOVIE. Fun, Laugh out loud funny. I laugh so hard the tears rolled down my cheeks. One nude scene, not sure about the PG 13. This film will keep a smile on your face for the entire time you are watching.

Saturday, February 22, 03:39:57 PM

It was awesome!! So funny!!

Friday, February 21, 07:46:06 PM

I like Everything

Friday, February 21, 01:55:56 AM

Was ok.. show is better. Should’ve been like jackass with just a bunch of good scenes. The movie aspect kinda ruins it.

Thursday, February 6, 11:14:18 AM

Best laughable movie ever !! Can’t wait to get it on dvd !!