Tuesday, June 11, 01:02:26 PM

Go see this movie. Better than Bad Boys.

Tuesday, June 11, 08:31:38 AM

Recycled elements of Friday13th and almost an hour of watching the killers back as it walks around silently and endlessly through the bush . Kills were ok -best part of terrible flick. Almost walked out 3 times-boredom !

Monday, June 10, 10:01:37 AM

So good. There is violence, but it is what violence is supposed to be. Most big movies show violence as fun and exciting. We have been desensitized to all of it.

Thursday, June 6, 12:10:39 PM

We were only ones in theater. Commented on every scene. We could have wrote a better script. Camera action got us dizzy to the point I shut my eyes. Ending was blah.

Thursday, June 6, 08:59:23 AM

Walked out after 40 minutes. Foul language and savagery were a bit much. Watching someone walking thru the woods for almost 40 minutes didn't leave me much hope that the move would get better

Wednesday, June 5, 11:40:19 AM

Excellent movie

Saturday, June 1, 07:30:22 PM

Just a good night out at the movies! A fun and promising beginning to the next great slasher series, it has something for everyone.

Saturday, June 1, 05:59:18 PM

How low can U get with this gore-filth movie. Foosteps and the worst gore effects I've every seen. IF U just like to see blood and nothing else -this bud's for you

Saturday, June 1, 06:33:33 AM

Saw the movie yesterday, not a good film at all. The gore was on high. But no real thrill. Scenes were too long and drawn out. Watched the back of the killers head pretty much the whole movie. And the ending was absolutely stupid.

Saturday, June 1, 01:04:51 AM

Just got out of the movie theater from seeing In A Violent Nature I liked it. The gore was great and the kills were cool Felt like I was watching a nature documentary about a Apex predator hunting prey in the woods I would say have patience with this movie cause it is slow pace at times . Creative new take on a slasher movie I would definitely recommend seeing this in theaters if you can cause I don't think it would have the same affect watching it on TV but I will definitely rewatch it when it comes to Shudder eventually.