Saturday, January 19, 07:08:18 AM

This movie focuses on Elise's character and that is undeniably the best part of the film. The scary scenes feel too similar to what we have seen in the previous installments but overall, it was enjoyable.

Friday, February 2, 10:38:08 PM

I liked the story line. Insidious had me jumping and scared. I liked everything about the movies and would recommend it to anyone.

Tuesday, January 23, 07:51:26 PM

I enjoyed learning of Elise's background and seeing her family. This installment, however, definitely did not leave me wanting more; although I suspect there will be a 5th - and I will go see it anyway! :)

Tuesday, January 23, 04:02:40 PM

Really enjoy watching a good horror movie, have enjoyed the Insidious series of movies in the past, this one didn’t quite live up, but still relatively enjoyable as far as horror movies go.

Tuesday, January 23, 02:20:15 PM

I LOVE Lin Shaye!! She totally aced the movie starring as the psychic mediator. Movie was good but I doubt it would have been rated as high as it is without Lin starring as the lead actor.

Tuesday, January 16, 09:52:21 PM

Loved it. Perfect thriller if you are looking for a fun "escape" movie -- which we need right now!

Sunday, January 7, 11:31:54 PM

Not scary at all. Assembly-line horror product.

Sunday, January 7, 10:17:47 PM

I found this to be the worst Insidious movie of all. The story was weak and it was not even scary. The first Insidious movie was excellent but this one was nothing like it.

Sunday, January 7, 04:55:21 PM

The story line just wasn't lock tight. The connection between brother and sister is weak. The drama was 'not dramatic'. 8/10

Sunday, January 7, 10:12:31 AM

Great movie....some really good scary scenes that make you jump.

Saturday, January 6, 10:41:02 PM

It was good a good prequel and a lot of jump scares

Monday, January 1, 12:54:51 PM

seemed to be a cookie cutter remake